Dec 21, 2012

What goes around.


Hello guys :D

For this post, I would like you readers, to answer these questions and think with all your heart. Try and to feel these words and reminisce your life. Here we go :) *keep in mind to THINK

You are living your life. You are sitting down/lying or doing anything else, and your reading this blog.

look around
examine everything that's going on around you, Every detail, To the things your doing, To the clothes your wearing, To the little bits of crisps and crumbles that are on the floor.

Now, you whisper and answer this question, 

don't worry, take your time.

Next, lets try to remember all the important things that we should be doing, rather than surfing the internet.

Have you done your shalah?
Have you read the Quran?
Have you done your homework?
Have you done all the responsibilities that God bestowed upon you whether its duniya or akhirah?

If you have answered all these questions with honesty, then you have accomplished something so magnificent that we muslims call muhasabah.

Everything you do, everything you say, everything you hear, everything you taste, every single thing that you have ever done that uses your 5 beautiful senses contributes bits and pieces of life.

Try to remember all the situations that involves you using indecent words, despicable language in your daily normal conversations. Using it so casually, that the consequences that you yourself are aware of, means nothing to you. Then fast forward through the day, do you have that feeling of wanting to do your prayers early? or even do those important things you should be doing? at all?

Now, look at your clothes. This might sound a little, confusing but try to understand. Have you guys ever felt that wearing 'baju melayu' or 'baju kurung' gives you a positive vibe? Can you tell the difference between the aura that your body has when your wearing different clothes.

When you wear a 'baju melayu', you have that positive feeling to go to the mosque, read the quran, be more obedient to Allah. It's just this invisible force that makes you want to do those things.

Compared to you wearing tight jeans, that reveals the shape of your body, clothes that read inappropriate messages, do you have that same kind of feeling? Well, to be frank, I beg to differ. Instead, you have that feeling of enjoying life, putting entertainment as number one in your life and take your time and wait for the last minute to pray, or worse, not praying at all, Nauzubillah'minzaalik.

Now put it all together, ranging from your clothing, your language, add some hygiene, the music you listen to, cleanliness, people who you talk to and everything else. Do these little yet important things make a difference in your life? 

If you don't believe me, try it yourself. 

Just for one day, ONE day, you make a difference in your daily routine:

1. Using decent language, talk politely, minimize your swear words or better, don't swear at all.

2. Wear clothes that completely cover your aurah, not necessarily wearing a 'baju melayu' or anything similar, just wear something that is plain, cool and appropriate to perform your prayers.

3. Try to not mingle with people that smoke, drink and people that have a high potential of bringing you to a place that add up to your big box of sins that you arleady have.

4. Listen to songs that remind you of Allah.

Just for a day and observe the difference. It might be hard, but try and do it for yourself.

This step, is a start to realizing who you are and what you have become.

Muhasabah , a step to make you a better person. :)

(sorry no pictures )

"It's true that nobody's perfect, but anybody can strive to perfection :D"

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  1. I used to try this before,
    and yet alhamdulillah !! I can feel the difference.Yet, i like the 'diference' feeling that makes me keep Istiqamah.



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