Aug 25, 2012

Old sayings are true indefinitely. Get it?

Assalammualaikum, its been ages since I opened this blogged nevertheless post something new. Well, here is  the time and place!

So many things have been going on lately, lets start with.................what I remember:

  • annual sports day
  • PPT
  • US2
  • debate debate debate :D
  • A new level of responsibility
  • Ramadhan karim
  • Aidul fitri
  • Raya raya raya, duit raya, kuih raya, baju raya, semua raya xD

I think that's pretty much it. It looks like nothing at all, but i'm pretty pooped, so are all of my friends *go GENESIS! and also to all the ZEALOUSIANS that helped a lot in sedekad:D Thanks a mill :)

Well time flies, ramadhan has passed, hoping to meet ramadhan again next year for a better one. *I think I could do a lot more if my consistency wasn't such a drag. I'll try my best next time! yaha! and for raya, well, it was the best!

Spending a whole week with cousins and family at nogori sombilan. This year is great!
Come on now, who wouldn't love, sitting with your cousins, playing games, watching movies all night long till subuh, or not sleep at all? Play futsal at 11.00 pm till 12.30 and continue at 2.00 am till 3.00?
For guys, I think you would agree.. This is what I call family bonding:D

Well, that's that what iv'e been up to for these past few months. And getting more busier after this, just waiting for the time to come and present itself in the most vigorous and demanding way you could ever imagine. School is the keyword here :D Hahaha, enough about that, lets get to the story.

"apa yang kita buat kat mak bapak kita, anak-anak kita akan buat benda yang sama kat kita"
(what we do to our parents now, our kids in the future will do the same)


I got this story from a friend , here we go.
(you have to imagine my friend as me and me as you readers) *Lets hear this story in Malay

Wey, nak dengar citer tak? Haritu aku gi raya umah member aku tau, time tu ada ada nenek dia dalam rumah die. Nak jadikan cerita, member aku tuh kong hajo sikit. Dia tak peduli, mak bapak ker, sapa ker. Mak dia pueh nasihat dia.


Hmmm, lagi la dia tak peduli. Maka sambunglah perayaan kita. Sembang-sembang, makan kuih sodap sodap. dan TIBA-TIBA:

Mak: Kenapa ibu bing-bising ni? Bukannye adik yang buat!

Nenek: Tapi masalahnya barang-barang ni bersepah, anak kau buat, x reti jaga anak betul!

Mak: Dah tu? tengok dan marah jer? Ibu pegilah kemas sendiri! Kalau kerja nak marah jer tak payah ada rumah la!


*If you guys don't understand, you can copy this and translate it at google translate:D

So what did we learn from this very short and -predictable ending- of the story? You know, this event happened in front of my friend's really rude friend. And he saw and processed the whole thing in his little mind and told my friend:

"Dua kali lima jer mak aku nie, patutlah aku jadi macam ni"

Hmm, you're getting where i'm getting at, right? That simple saying above, is actually true in ways.......... unexplainable in terms of logic. And why do you think these kind of unfortunate -not and event we want to have in our life- events occur in our daily lives? Just one word

Very simply spelled, but very hard to explain. You guys know what it means. We all have it actually, but what makes us different is how we control it.

With just mere words, the soul can be pierced deeply. And the old sayings, dont be too stubborn and arrogant to reject them flat on the surface without even taking it to account of what it really means. You have the choice,


Aug 5, 2012



Confessions. The most honest and the most self-reflecting verb a person could possibly say or do. The thing about this word is that, it shows that you concede to the fact that there are some things that are happening to you -good or bad- and you realize it. This word, is also the most hardest verb that could be done by the human soul. Sometimes, ego, overcome this sincere intention. But sometimes, you have to fight that ego with a strong will. A will that believes change is possible.

Here's the confession, I exceed the limit that divides the line of peace and chaos. I overdo my actions to the extent that people hate me for doing so, when originally this act is an act of happiness. An act to make stronger ties with other people.

There's a reason why our beloved Prophet leads a moderate life and always advise his ummah to BE moderate in everything we say or do. Because being moderate is keeping the check and balance between to things or two people.

Just taking the time to tell you guys, that, lessen your everyday speech, because the tongue is WAAAAY SHARPER than the sword.

(sorry, no pictures for this post) 

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