Dec 12, 2012

Monkey D. Luffy & Uzumaki Naruto


It's 7.30 in the morning and I should really get going for my tuition. Well, I have another 20 minutes so, what the heck :D 

Last night, I spent like the whole night watching One Piece, and Naruto and it got me thinking. For the last few hours of my sleep, I played all the great episodes of Naruto and One Piece in my head and i've noticed a really big similarity between them.

For the anime lovers, you'll notice this:

They are similar in terms of STRENGTH.

These two have inhumane strength (inhumane in their world) compared to the other characters in their story and they both became like that because they had the same objective. They both have the same source of strength that forced them to continue fighting regardless of the detrimental consequences that they WILL receive if they carry on.

And that source is their friends.

They don't become strong blindly. Always protecting their friends, even if it means sacrificing their life.

"Those who break the rules are scum, but those who abandon their friends are worst than scum"
-Hatake Kakashi-

These words were quoted by kakashi. It brought great meaning, and it basically changed how he see's the ninja world. NAruto became really strong because at first, he made a promise to Sakura that he will save Sasuke. So, after all these years, he became stronger and stronger becaused he believes that he can save sasuke. Most of the time, he becomes really strong because he is angered that his friends are being killed before him. So he become monstrously strong. 

While Luffy, he is the only pirate that does not need to unnecessarily kill people to increase it's bounty or make a name in the pirate world. He became famous because of his reckless acts to try and save a nakama (friend). Like in erenst lobby, he never intended to go there, but if it menas saving their friend, Nico Robin, then they would go there, and they did. While thrashing the place of course and thus making a name but with a different story from the world government.

So basically, Naruto and Luffy, they get their strong from saving their friends in most of the situations. They seldom think for themselves.

They are also similar in sense of stupidity. They are both reckless and stupid. haha, oh well, thats what makes these two animes my favourite. :D

You guys should watch it!

watch it watch it watch it :D

Bye bye, got tuition. PRAY FOR MY SPM!

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