Dec 8, 2012

The Inevitable


No matter how far you run, no matter how deep you dig, no matter where you hide, problems will always be on your tail. In between happiness and joy, there will always be problems. All through the years of you living,  a problemless life, is impossible.

Regardless of who you are, the truth is inevitable.
Over these few weeks, I've noticed that most people, friends, family including myself are being drowned with problems. Problems that just keep arising one after another.

It's either you are having a fight you never expected, with a friend, or some relationship problems, or even the flaw to be aware of your doings towards your friends and towards the people around you.

The way I see it, problems are similar to shadows

As you look down upon your shadow, you realize that, its like a spec that defies your need of self-assurance that life will be easy and simple. It follows you wherever you go, it exterminates dreams of unexplained miracles, dreams that you work so hard for, but eventually vanishes into thin air. Problems, without a doubt ARE shadows.

But we humans, never care to realize that, that the sun will always overshadow that shadow we are all afraid of. We have never cared to take a second, to turn around, and look up into the sky and see how bright things can be.

The way I see it, the SUN is what I call, HOPE. And the only thing you can ever hope for is the will to find the solution and become 'the shadows' superior.

That will, that single flame which illuminates the path in the darkness, will always be there for you, to guide you in your life.

To all my friends, and not forgetting myself, always remember, THAT single flame

will never be extinguished.

Needless to say,
Turn to THE CREATOR, the GIVER OF HOPE for strength and a positive attitude to face those challenges.

No matter how big the problem is,

raise your hands high,
ask for forgiveness,
ask for help,
put a smile on your face,
be confident and

that Allah is there for you every step of the way.

Smile my friends, it keeps you alive :)


  1. ohoh. saya terasa. terima kasih ingatkan :)

  2. yeah,smilee wlau ape yg trjdi :D Allah sntiasa ada.btw,dtg dr blog sndri.folo sni :)


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