Jun 4, 2012



Its always a courtesy to pray for my readers:D so, all I want you to is to answer the salam. Not so hard is it?

Sooo, whats next? the title? oh right. So, what is the first thing that comes to mind when this title is read? Judgment day? noooo. money?? *x yah nak perli sgat lah.. haha:D

Well, for this one here, lets have a little british accent to it eh? makes it more exciting. and posh.

Righty O', where should I begin the story of ages. how about:

First impressions. Blimey! whats that gotta do with the title? well, it has everything to do with the title.

Now lets observe this picture

this is her first impression. a vast amount of people who see her, usually would say
"Ish-ish, tak tutup aurat. mesti die nie jenis yang liar and tak ada agama"

Do you guys know  her? do you observers even have the slightest knowledge of who she is and what kind of person she is like? Maybe she is nice, who are you to say those very harsh words?

Okay, now, lets observe this other picture:

(your beautiful by the way:D)
This is her first impression. Most people will see her as someone who is nice and normally would say
"Nie pakai tudung, mesti baik punya, nampak ayu, sopan santun"
"Harap jer pakai tudung, dalam hati mana tau. Hipokrit je tuh, pakai sebab nak menunjuk"

Like before, who are you to say those words?

Never ever ever ever ever ever judge a person on first sight and first impressions. Get to know them first before even thinking about stating those lies. and the worst part is spreading those bad and awful rumors to everyone else. In the end, they end up killing themselves and doubting themselves because of their clothing.
This is not fair, and it is very inhumane to do those kind if childish acts. Eventually, their very existence is hated in all corners of society.

There is one different obvious thing that you can see in these two pictures above.

One is wearing a hijab,
and the other one is not wearing a hijab.

The one wearing a hijab did a great job in following Allah's orders to close their aurah. She did a wonderful job in doing so, and she gets a credit for that. That is why, she is seen as someone who is nice. But still, blindly falling for her is ignorant and foolish. Even if she wears a hijab, we dont know what kind of person she is. MAYBE she is a monster who eats people's brains, MAYBE she is a person who pla games with people's heart and let them suffer with broken hearts. Those are assumptions that must be kept in mind. remember, KEPT IN MIND. There is a difference!

For the the girl without the hijab, she did a very bad thing in not following Allah's precise orders to cover the aurah. But still, who are we, -the ones who dont even know her-, to judge her blindly based on her clothing?
Maybe she is a person who always pray and du'a to Allah better than anyone else? If you really are a good person who really loves islam, instead of cursing her, approach her nicely and advice her. In an islamic way:D Assuming her to be someone who is wild and has no religion is outright wrong. It's true that she did wrong, but cursing her makes us no different than her.

In the end, getting to know the person holistically will be the best way to judge  them. Advise the wrong, and compliment the good:D Then unity will definitely be there when the time is right.

"First impressions are important, but never judge a person holistically and blindly based on those impressions"

Jun 1, 2012

Our priority

Assalamualaikum, hoho, long time no see.. I never thought I would be updating this blog ever again. BUT, inspiration came when I was looking up on my computer. hmm, I have so many ideas I wanted to share, but unfortunately, no time to type it down. *Note to self, make a to do list of things when I come home.:D


So, what was my inspiration?
What got me so excited to go on the computer just to update on this 'dead' blog?

Well, its something that I really, really disagree on.

MONEY is everything.

First of all, how did this topic come into mind? well, I had a little quarrel with somebody, he overheard my conversation with another somebody about the score A program. I was talking about how it did not really bring happiness and a satisfying life in a person. And he also overheard me saying,

"Orang yang buat Score A ni sebenarnya Tak de life. jumpe org sana sini, lepak smpai tgah mlm. Where is the joy in that?"

Then he got all worked up and started showing me all the millionaires of score A. Showing me all their success in life because of Score A and all their money, gadgets and houses and their wealth and all that. So then I told him, "Money is not everything in life"..

Then he started telling me that even going to mecca and going to the mosque needs money. Going to the toilet, eating food, everything needs money. Then I told him, that's true but still, "money is not everything". Then all of a sudden he challenged me to live in the hostel without money for a month. Then I told him, I can't do that, I need the money. hoho, and it goes on and on and on.

Here's the truth, money is "ESSENTIAL" for life. Let me repeat, ESSENTIAL. not a priority. Of course you need money, or else, I wouldn't be sitting here typing this post. Its essential for living, but it is not a priority of living. Everything we do is related to money, that is true and I am not denying that, but everyone nowadays is practically sprinting in life to become a millionaire and forget the joy and happiness in life.

Now what do you see? Imagine having tons of these? Then what comes up next in our mind?
When there are better things to do.

For me, life is meaningless without doing the best things in life. For me, life is looking for knowledge. For the people who love to gain knowledge and learn from the wise, they will notice a really exciting kind of feeling when we learn new things. Dont you guys envy the people who know everything about everything? Dont you guys envy the happiness that not-so-millionaire people have?

To me, being rich is so all hard work, staying up late, missing out all the important things in life. I'm not denying the fact that money will really make our life more easier, but can you ensure that you will use your money for the better good? Can you ensure yourself that you will forever remember who gave that blessing?

hmm, if yes, then alhamdullilah:D

But still, pursuing your dreams of a millionaire but still not enjoying life is meaningless. To see someone undergo stress, thus making everybody's life a sorrow just seeing you like that is a pain. 

To see someone smile, is the best thing that anybody can ask for.

"24 jam diperuntukkan untuk setiap manusia. 8 jam untuk Allah, 8 jam untuk diri kita, dan 8 jam untuk kerja" 
~tanyalah uztazah 1 JUNE 2012~

Work for money to it's optimum, smile while doing that, remember your main priority in life,
LIFE is definitely ensured:D

Smile in whatever situation, it keeps you sane and alive:D

Music to my ears