Dec 12, 2013

What He offers


Watch this video first,

A truly touching story. I shed a tear at the end of the video. How could you not? Listening to a story of someone accepting Islam, in a way we could not have ever imagined. That Alzheimer patient, who is not made compulsory to perform his prayers, became the gateway for the nurse to accept Islam.

Hidayah, the guidance given by Allah to those who He thinks is worthy of his guidance, and that is what the nurse and the Alzheimer patient has received.

They both are converts, and they felt the beauty of Islam, and truly understood the feeling of having a perfect faith that brings tranquility and peace in their hearts. They kept their faith strong because they know how it would be a huge loss if they let this golden opportunity slip away.

The question is, what happened to us?
The ones who Allah gave guidance ever since we were born. The ones who Allah gave a huge head start to step into heaven. The ones who Allah entrusted to spread His teachings and to help everyone be on the right path.

Does being born a Muslim not prove Allah's special love towards us?
Does being born in a country where Islam is its major religion, prove that Allah is trying so very hard to help us be apart of this special community and be under His blessing?

Do you not know how hard it is for people who were not born a Muslim to accept Islam? Do you know how painful it is for them to turn away from their families and friends just to be in the right direction? Do you not see all the killings, condemnation and segregation they have to face just because they hold the name of Islam?

They had to experience a lot of pain and sorrows that left huge scars on their hearts in the name of Allah because they believe it is the righteous path that they should follow. They had to experience friends and families, pushing them away from their lives, whats worse, abusing them for choosing this path.  But amidst all the pain they face, they find a replacement for that pain, which is peace and harmony.

"There is no compulsion in religion..." 2:256

Allah has never burdened His servants with things they cannot do because He knows best. Force was never a method used in Islam, and will never be, because Islam teaches its followers to understand and be sincere in the things they do.

So for those who were born a Muslim, especially myself, lets not let this opportunity slip away.
Allah WANTS us to be in His heaven,
Allah WANTS us to be WITH Him in His heaven,

So whats stopping us? :) 

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