Dec 27, 2012


Assalammualaikum. (play nasyid)

Beautiful, perfect, dependable. Most words can't describe the beauty of Islam.

A religion that preaches peace and harmony.
A religion that gives reasons to our beliefs.

No religion is more holistic than Islam. Islam does not teach humans how to do things, but it teaches humans how to do things the right way.

And yet, there are still Muslims who are wearing short pants in the Islamic world. Call themselves Islam by name, Sin as if Islam is like a play toy where you can throw around and make fun of. It's a shame really.

Islam, when studied deep in it's core, you WILL find it's true meaning and intentions. You will find, that there is a reason why Allah gave those commandments and how, by doing them, can effect your life entirely.
After studying the bases of Islam, dig deeper and you'll see that, Islam teaches how to cure heart-aches, how to face the challenges that life gives you.

You'll find all these things beneficial to your life once you put FAITH entirely towards Allah.
Give meaning to the Syahadah you always say in your prayers. Don't let it go to waste.

Basically, Islam means BELIEVING that Allah IS The Almighty without question.

People like:

People like these, they should be respected. Please, take your time to watch these videos. 10 minutes, that's all you need. I cried watching the first video. It hit me........hard, you know.

When you have a better understanding of Islam, the light will never fade. Before you condemn, making conclusions saying 'Islam! Terrorists!', then you should go and watch 'My Name is Khan'. It will at least, give you a hint of what Islam really is.

The Syahadah, Solah, Fasting, Zakat, Hajj. The five pillars of Islam, they are bases that strengthens your Faith in Allah.

Syahadah : Believing that Allah is the one and only, and Muhammad SAW is Allah's messenger
Solah       : A prayer, a sign of gratitude, the one Ibadah that tops them all. Proof that you are grateful for all the blessings that Allah gave to you.
Fasting     : A lesson. An act of restraining yourself from doing sins and an opportunity to repent and come closer to Allah because it falls on the Holy month of Ramadhan.
 Zakat      : An act of purifying all your wealth and belongings and helping the needy.
Hajj          : A remembrance of where Islam came from, to purify the heart and to straighten ones path.

People like Boona Mohamed and other preachers in the world do their best to pull people towards Islam. Right now, Muslims are increasing in Europe and in the Western civilization, we on the other hand are lessening day by day. It'saddening really.

For those who were born a Muslim, be grateful that you were born one. There are some people out there who are being isolized from the community, people who are being dictated because of their choice of religion.

For those sinners out there, including myself, it is never too late too repent.

May Allah bless us all Inysaallah :)

Aminn Ya Rabb.

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