Dec 12, 2012

Books Books Books!


Hey hey hey hey hey hey! guess what guess what guess what!

Books books books!


Before that, I want to take this opportunity to promote this book I bought the day before today (yesterday). It is based on the series VLADIMIR CHRONICLES but from a different side, different character, different view, but the whole same teenage problem, blood and lots and losts and lots of vampires!

 This story is related to VLADIMIR CHRONICLES but told in a Slayer's view. I REALLY recommend you guys try and look for VLADIMIR CHRONICLES books and start from there so you can get the real picture.


I woke up early today, did my usually, went to tuition, 8 am till 5 pm.. It was a pain the whole day.. 4 hours of add Maths, 2 hours and half of Physics and Chemistry. All through out the day I suffered a severe migraine which happened right after Add Maths, and I guess you guys know why :)

It was very tiring, and right after tuition, my thoughts flew to bed, all ready dreaming of sleep. Then my mom called.

MOM   : finished?
ME       : yeah, why?
MOM   : How bout we stop by Big Bad Wolf?
ME       : oh sure.

My head still a blurr. Trying to process what just happened. Reminiscing all the words that related to BIG, BAD, and WOLF. Remembered a hippo coz its big, then some bad people came into mind, and a white wolf came out. Then I thought harder, BIG BAD WOLF.

Red riding hood? Yeah! Then I gave up coz I thought it would be stupid to think that my mom would bring me to a red riding hood convention or something.

So my mom arrived, went into the car, still blurred with all the numbers, terms and chemistry formula's spinning around in my head. So I decide to just tag along. Still trying to figure out what BBW meant. Then we reached MINES and went into the hall.

The very instant I stepped inside the hall, BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS! OMG! I remembered and instantaneously, everything went blank. Too much thinking = blank.

Got permission to go wild, so I went wild, spent the whole three hours looking for books!! The sight of soo many books was too good to be true.

There were so many genres, types, famous authors, series, couldn't choose which one. In the end I picked out 10, asked my mom If I could take them all. She said yes!

So we piled up all the books that we wanted to buy in two boxes, one mine and the other my mom's. So we went to dinner, but books weren't aloud so we had to leave them, so we left them.

When we finished dinner and got back to the spot where we left our books, the unexpected happened, everything was gone.

mood = WTF?

Ooookay, stay calm, it must be here somewhere, spent the next half an hour looking for the two boxes, then my mom just lost her temper.

She was so pissed she went to the nearest worker and asked so many questions at once, I even felt sorry for the guy. Well, who wouldnt be pissed after spending so much time looking for the books the suddenly disappeares. She even threatened the guy that if they don't  get their books  before closing time, she will meet the manager personally to file a complaint. I was like 'Woah, thats what I call taking control'.

Then the guy got a little scared and started to fuss and look around. Luckily we found one box, which was my moms, and it was 8.45 at that time. Closing time was at 9 pm. So, we gave and just went to the counter. I was like 


So, to not make waste of our trip here, I took three books that I remembered, and took them to the counter. Couldn't find all 10, coz I found the books at different places.

So with a broken spirit, we payed for the books, and went out. My mom promised me that this Saturday (or any day that I'm free), I can go again by myself and spend the whole day there, taking my time running through the books and protecting them as if it were my soul. *note to self: dont make the same mistake

So we went home, me with a broken heart and a big add maths, physics and chemistry comeback in my head. Not such a pleasant day, iv'e had better but it was a good experience.

Well there you go! For all you book lovers, GO GO GO to BBW!

All the books are cheap and very very very good! You'll definitely find something you like! That, I promise you. :D

Me and Elizabeth Scott think alike :D

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