Oct 15, 2013

The Great World War


In history, two great wars has happened. Wars that has seen destruction and pure annihilation especially among the minor countries who are seen being bullied and pushed like dolls. Helpless, helpless dolls. Wars that claim to bring peace to the world but evidently brought hatred and destruction across the globe.

World War I
World War II

A scar that took a big toll on the hearts of the people and Mother Earth itself.

Now the world is facing a different crisis. Politics. Trust. Economy. Power. The things that make the world go round.

So we know there are problems. We know there are corruptions. We realize the fact that the world need changes.

So whose going to change the world?

Somewhere, in South-East Asia, another huge war will take place. A war that will determine the future of the world. Its soldiers have been preparing for five long years. And in a few days, the war will take place all over Malaysia.

With pens and pencils as their swords, with erasers as their shields, protractors for strategies and a lot more up their sleeves. These special trained soldiers have trained long and hard, and a few days time, in Examination Halls all over Malaysia, hard long hours will be sacrificed for the sake of humanity.

And somewhere in a small hidden location at the end of the world, 138 strong-hearted students are also participating in this war. They call themselves 'Genesis' which means a new beginning, a new start. Their aim? to change the minds of the people and make history.

The War?

For long hours of training, vigorous training. Early morning training, special supplements provided by INTESABER, an institution that made sure these 138 students win this war. Failure is not an option.

BUT PLEASE REMEMBER! That these 138 students are just mere humans. Mere creations that were made to make mistakes.
So I plead  on behalf of those 138 students,

Forgive us for our wrong-doings,
We need your guidance,
We need your prayers,
We need belief.
We need your belief that we can succeed.




We are the next generation to that will take over the world. To change the world, and in a few days time, we will take our first big step.


We need your support.
We need your prayers.

Lets change the world:

Music to my ears