Mar 29, 2013

The Heart


How long I've missed expressing all my thoughts and feeling to this blog. Time and space waits for no man, and time and space hasn't been very good to me lately. Avast, time gave me chance to once again set foot on this perfect avenue of freedom which no one, whatsoever can condemn and discourage me. Hahaha, lets go to the topic.

Have you ever felt stressed or depressed when someone doesn't think like you or don't agree with what you say?
 Have you ever felt angry or fed up when someone cries over the little things that you think is unimportant and dumb to cry about?
Have you ever felt sad when someone pushes you down with discouraging words when you KNOW that you'v tried your best in what your doing?

To me, the heart is two things

It is so very COMPLICATED

Oh so very beautiful :)

Not many people realize, our feelings, thoughts and personalities are the things that make us special. That beautiful personality that makes us different from other people, that stands out. Everyone has their own style which makes them who they are. If you don't like it, then it's too bad.

If it's bothering you and everyone else, well,  that's a different story.

There are people who have a strong heart, people who can withstand any emotional challenges that are put forth to them. They have a strong will. But it doesn't mean that they don't have a heart.  They show their affection in a different way. In the eyes of the people, they are tough, they don't cry as much as the next guy, but in between that toughness, they cry a silent cry. Silently grieving the sadness that other people feel. Silently praying, repenting. This is also known as MAN.

Then there are people who have a beautiful heart. These are the people that express their emotions towards other people. A smile or a frown always on their faces. A tear of joy or sadness always falling down from their glands. But it doesn't mean that they are weak. They know best what other people feel because they too have felt the same. Their hearts and intentions are pure. WOMAN.

So if you see a man, not crying over someone's death, or not crying over something bad that just happened, it doesn't mean that they are arrogant or hard-headed, they just cry somewhere else.
And if you see a man, not regretting something bad that he has done,  it doesn't mean that he's stupid and doesn't realize that he just did something bad, you never know that at night, as he sits down on the sejadah, he cries of regret, tears that are the most precious.

And if you see a woman, crying over little things, don't judge her, she knows best of what other people feel. If a mother cries over what their children do, don't think bad of her, she only wants the best for her sons and daughters, if a teacher cries over the mistakes that her students do to her, so the students can see what they did wrong.

How beautiful and complicated Allah's creation. No psychologists in the world can exactly put a finger on what people feel and why they feel it that way, because everyone's different.  

The sooner we accept that, the sooner we can have better understanding.

This post is written based on observations and experiences. And current situations that are happening around us. if you are observant and see the little things that are happening, you can see all the things written above.

Be open minded, we are not the same, we are different and unique :)

Music to my ears