Apr 20, 2013

Life and Regrets


As time passes. we realize, the world is getting old. We are getting old. The evidence is there, revolution, changes, scars, cliches from the mouths of old people 'when I was a kid'. Time waits for no man. Its edge, sharp, precise, persistent, accurate. It has no pause or rewind button. No machine or invention in the world can ever manipulate time. Imagine, a humongous boulder, rolling from the top of Mount Everest. A boulder, bigger than the mountain itself, rolling at high velocity, causing destruction through out out it's journey, leaving remnants of its doings. A reminder of what its capable of. Nothing can stop that boulder. Nothing.

It is said that we only have one life, and went spent wisely, once is enough. Then curiosity is aroused, how do we spend our time wisely? When and where should we apply this proven ideology that has changed so many lives? Philosophers for centuries have observed and analyze human behavior thus making various possibilities of what they feel but never really ending up with a conclusion. Why? because we are a all different. Most quotes and sayings of great people are based on experiences that they have faced be it themselves or the people around them.

Their efforts? All their work? Have not been in vain. Their work and ideologies have been used and practiced to this very day. Their time and era has long gone but their teachings and methods remain.

But there are still people out there, who face problematic situations in their lives. Problems that philosophers in their era would ever understand.

The question still unanswered, how do we spend our lives wisely?

Some people spend it by sitting on a couch, watching TV all day, adding some fat into its belly without a care in the world of what's happening outside. Some people search for adventures, looking for challenges that they could strive to overcome and feel the satisfaction of success. While other people out there, decide to become an average Joe. Becoming someone normal, with no special attributes to add on, hiding in the shadows of someone powerful, someone great. Doing the same routine, EVERY SINGLE day, and not feeling bored and surely happy about his life. Then, there are the people who do their best to be acknowledge, doing their best in everything they do. While not asking for responsibilities but accepting them because Allah bestowed those responsibilities for a reason, they take it as a challenge and still do their best. With so many obstacles, trying to slow them down, but to no avail, their enthusiasm, high spirit, somehow make those obstacles look like rubbish.

If I were to carry on with examples, this paper would't be enough. We have eyes, we have ears. We have the power to use them and observe our life and make the best out of it. If not observe our own life, we observe the life pf others and learn from their mistakes to improve ours. Look at all the mistakes we have done, look at all the flaws that we have harbored, and not to forget to look at our strengths and advantages as not to diminish our pure intention. Thus making a conclusion, what have we been doing with our lives?

In life, there should be np regrets, at all. No matter how bad the memory, how painful the experience, never regret them. These are the things that mature us, the things that make us who we are. Cry the pacific ocean if you wanted to, nothing can be done to rewind and take back what has been done. instead, focus on what can be in the future. Learn from your mistakes. Reminisce on the past. With that, greatness will surely prevail.

'Its true that nobody's perfect, but anybody can change for the better good'

'Mistakes should be made, the key of it is learning from those mistakes'

'I have not failed. I just found 10 000 ways that won't work'
~Thomas A. Edison~

Apr 13, 2013

Perkampungan Seni Tarian Kali ke-3 Peringkat Kebangsaan


Kenangan terindah, tak terkata dalam bahasa lain. Terdetik hati ini untuk bercerita kali ini dalam Bahasa Melayu. haha :D

Pada 8-12 April, seramai 10 orang pelajar dari INTESABER telah menyertai program yang disebutkan di atas. Nasran, Genji, Choco, Naim, Amir Aiman, Aiman Muzzamil, Ainan, Akmar, Farhani, Hanis. Dua orang guru yang ikut sekali, Teacher Huda, dan Cikgu Salina.

Malangnya, diri ini malas nak cerita panjang, cuma nak cerita ka sini, LO di Sekolah Menengah Sains Labuan baik gileeeer! haha, ada tiga orang LO yang sentiasa menjaga kami, Fadiah, Hazlin dan Afifah sana xD

Fadiah: orang yang suka sangat senyum, baik orangnya. Selalu tolong kami dalam kesusahan dan memberi sookongan kepada kami :D

Hazlin: suka layan karenah kami, dan gurauan kami.Rajin panggil budak lelaki kat asrama, kalau tak dek Hazlin, tak tergerak kami :D hahaha

Afifah: SANA-SANA :D hahaha, garang tapi baik orangnya. tepat pada masa dia dan menjaga hal ehwal kita.

Ketiga-tiga LO nie sentiasa menjaga kami di Labuan, kalau tak, sesat la kiteorg.. hoho, rindu.. xD

(sipa buat gambar smart niee)
(thank you Fadiah :D)

Chocolate yang bagi tu jangan makan sorang-sorang :)
Jangan lupa kiteorg :D

Terharu :DDDDD

Music to my ears