Jan 25, 2013

A thought

             Resistance is futile. Perpetuate, an endless journey of finding the truth, yearning for answers. Every step has a spike, waiting in the grass, hiding, just waiting to be the point that starts pain. Hard, ongoing challenges are burdening, the hostility is swept away. Humans heed to the wishes of satan, the dire need of fun and entertainment, eventually, following carnality to the tail. The power, the power to change.

             Amidst excruciating pain, imbicles surround you. speaking cliche's of assurance that everything will be okay. Imbicles that have never felt the darkness when the sun is shining ever so bright above our heads. Morons are morons for a reason. Never think before acting. Piercing everyone right in the heart every step of the way.

             What your heart desires, what you dream of everyday, will always be disturb. Every path you take will always be blocked, by a wall of impossible problems. Feeling complacent will never be enough, will never extinguish the fire, burning in the heart.

              Thought of someone who cares. What pulls us forward, the keeps us going, is none other than our beliefs. Frustrations, depressions, they test every fibre in your body, they WANT you to react violently. They tell you to pound evreything in your way, because only through violence they see you succeed. They are wrong. Allah tells us that there is always another way. Violence never gives conclusions. It's a cycle of hatred.

               Belief. Belief is key. You believe that change can happen, you believe that everything will be alright. You believe that Allah, The Almighty has everything planned out. Put 100% to that belief, add 100% of effort and 100% of Du'a, your heart will never be disturbed.

Believe, believe, believe.


Music to my ears