Oct 28, 2011


Assalamualaikum.... long time no read and update.. haha, I AM FREE.... free at last.. so are my friends... well, you get the idea.
Sooo, exams are OVER, and.........you already see the picture, Im celebrating national TWICE! haha, funny actually.. Great experience though... its something like this,

Everyone is gathered in front of the hall,
The monitor reads the prayer.. "YA ALLAH, KAU TENANGKANLAH HATI-HATI KAMI!"
the more he reads it, the more my heart beat goes crazy..
its uncontrollable... Its gone mad... He finished, we all became silent, the prefect in charge calls us in...
"Semua calon boleh masuk ke dalam dewan peperiksaan"
We walk with uneasy steps, one two, one two..

"Okay, semua pelajar boleh berhenti menjawab, tahniah kerana anda semua sudah menjawab Penilaian Menengah Rendah selama seminggu"
The hall goes wild... The nothingness knocks on the door... Three years and it only takes a week..
its done and said.. cant look back...

Its sad really, for three years and it is resulted in a week or so.. It would be a real shame if you did not succeed.. Oh well, whats done is done...


From the title above, I am very:

It is really amzing how a single glance at the person you like can put an "ear to ear" grin on your face.. That is a fact you have to face.. It cannot be told... it must be experienced.. even though that person dont talk to you, just smiles at you for no good reason, that grin will eventually appear on your face without realizing it....  that happened to me... all the time.. I didnt realize at first but it happens .. I find it quite funny actually..Seeing that im not that type of guy.. I guess some things change dont they.. Haha, I hope I dont get caught red handed smiling out of the blue after talking to someone.. That would be really awkward!

AND! It happened so recently that the "tragedy" is happening right now in front of... Its so fresh and wonderful... Haha, fantasies... they really make you go mad... Oh well, let be a dream that will always be dreamt..


Music to my ears