Dec 7, 2012



Hellooooooooooo, how are you, how are you, how are you?

Have you guys ever imagined what it would be like to feel lonely and depressed? Did you know that being lonely for too long can lead to a 'lonely' disorder? Well, they don't exactly call it a 'lonely disorder'. To be exact, prolonged loneliness can make you more antisocial.


And makes sure you make friends that benefit you.
I have this one friend that I got to know on facebook. Ever since I befriended her, she gave me a new inspiration to look up on.

Although she's young and shouldn't be talking about first world problems such as Gaza, well, she does it anyway because it enhances your critical thinking. So, ever since I've known her, she introduced me to a Muslim which I have come to respect and to look up on. That inspiration iisssssss:

*drum roll please

*(sound of drums)


I am sure that most of you have of course heard of him before. he is a writer, a poet and a famous artist amongst entertainers. He's work emphasises mostly on why Islam is the best of all religions.

This guy, has the ability to preach islam without shame and hesitation and the way he does it is what makes me like him the most.

He preaches through rap.

I admire him because he has the guts to say that 'I am a muslim, and I have the right to practice my religion'. He is in fact a canadian citizen which most people know that muslims in canada are being oppressed and isolized from the community.

 To me he is a great role model. One of his interviews amazed me. He showed me through effort, you may get the opportunity to right the wrong, and right the perspective of 'MUSLIMS ARE TERRORISTS' and 'MUSLIMS ARE VIOLENT' kind of stuffs that most westerners throw upon Muslims.

His interview:

Take your time to hear him out, it will definitely give you a boost to love Islam, and know Islam more.

And his best work that I admire ever so much:

Please, take your time to listen, you won't need to pay, its free and virus-free :D

She's the name of the girl that introduced me to this guy that I started to admire. Look her up on facebook xD

Trying to become righteous makes you wise, but thinking 

that you are makes you a fool

-Boonaa Mohammed-

-Trust is like a piece of paper, once you break that trust, the paper is crunched, and no matter how you try to relive it, it will still have wrinkles-


  1. The conclusion is,
    we do da'wah based on our creativity,

    dan kelebihan diri.

    He plays hs role as a daie very well by rap,

    and we ?

  2. insyaallah, play our part, muhasabah ourselves and follow his footsteps :D


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