Dec 8, 2011


Assalammualaikum (x jawab dosa).. 
I would like to ask a question to the readers of this blog:
1. Is our country really independent or so to speak 'MERDEKA'?
2. If yes, can you please describe the independence that Malaysia has achieved?
3. If no, then please give me or the government some BRILLIANT suggestions on how w can achieve the independence our country actually needs?
(if you can answer these simple questions, then you are pleased to comment:D)

FIY, I'm worrid about my country!. If you read the news for the past few months, you would have notice a major thing that is happening in our country. a 'thing' that we should all be worried about, and that is:
I know i'm too young to talk about politics,
and I know that I am a normal citizen,
But I have the right to be worried and I have the right to FEEL scared of whats gonna happen to our country if this UNSTABLE PHENOMENON continues......

Its coming through all kinds of directions, most people feel that we have achieved 'merdeka', but they don't see the big picture! The real word means peace and harmony, but with the situation that our country is experiencing now is not peace at all! With all the parties (not naming any parties), accusing, bad mouthing, teasing the other parties, how are we going to achieve this so called peace?

We can see that humans now a days are HUNGRY FOR POWER and influence, and some LEADERS even have have the gut to sell his religion for those two things above! What do teachers teach us in schools?

CIKGU:  nanti kat luar, selalu jadikan saingan itu sebagai satu saingan yang sihat! Jangan memaki hamun, mngejek, memfitnah orang lain untuk menang, tak elok.

I guess, some leaders didnt get the right education before becoming a leader. Its so sad really, but we cant do anything now can we? we are normal people with normal lives. FORTUNATELY we can do something! We can get to know all th parties and what they are fighting for, we can find out how their ambitions and their ways of achieving those ambitions, we can vote THE RIGHT PARTY and make our country more peaceful.

(cool, its in red, hehe:D)
DONT JUDGE A BOOK (party) BY IT'S COVER (promises)!
If you want to vote, vote for a party that has don sooo many for their land, observe what that party has done soo far for their country, Identify how they do those things, is it through a safe and allowed way? 
or through a sick and dreadful way such as BRIBERY (oh look, its in green green stands for money)...

Sooo, what do you say?? Do you think you deserve freedom? do you think you deserve the right to feel safe??
IF you are a voter, make your choices well, IF your not a voter, then do what I do, PRAY SO THAT WE LEAVE IN PEACE!!



  1. which means, vote for PAS ? hek3..

  2. Noooo, i did not say say anything..-,-

  3. P O L I T I C S ? -.-'
    Cuba la cakap pasal benda lain. Aku ke? :PP haha

  4. agak kaget when i read this entry. prihatin sgguh kau dgn politik kita ye. btw, thumbs up la! :)

  5. haha, thnx:D
    cuma risau jer.. haha

  6. I guess this is the entry that triggers ur parents' anxiety n thus leading to the action of scolding u..;)

    1. haha, not really, they were mad beacuese of priority, and I wrote that post out of emotions. incident... hehe


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