Dec 15, 2013


Assalammualaikum :)

Whenever you say the word, library, the first thing that comes to mind, iiiiiiiis books :D You see, not many people realize the wonders of books and what books can do to change the world. How? Well you see, IDEAS and BELIEFS are MAN's greatest weapon. And through books we gain ideologies and beliefs. Books, ranging from all topics, genres, codes, scientific information, new discoveries, bound by a strong backbone, these hard copied papers can last for hundreds of years.

The second closest family I could ever want, and have, is my LIBRARIANS.

I started off my life as a librarian in 2010 and continued living a life as a librarian until the end of my school days. Many people question my decision of choosing librarian over prefects, well, simply put, I myself dont follow the rules, and I love books, I could spend hours in the library, if not sleeping, reading :D The satisfaction of arranging the racks of books and finding something really interesting, then you suddenly find yourself indulging in the moment of reading, and absorbing the new knowledge obtained. Another things is the community.

The Librarian community, has its own identity. Like prefects, who are seen, very disciplined, and highly respected, PRS, talkative, happy go lucky, and very understanding, BADAR, alim, wara' and nice people, we librarians are THE HAPPIEST GO LUCKY WHO HAS THE LEAST PROBLEMS AMONG THE FOUR AND WE ARE PROUD, SO VERY PROUD TO BE CALLED A LIBRARIAN.

I also spent most of my time with these guys and I love them and the memories with all my heart. I may be the head Librarian, but it was your contribution that got us to where we are now. 

This is us :D

These are our memories. We proved that the library is not simply a place, but its a wonder :D

Nadhirah, Nasran, Zakwan, Atiff. Librarians ever since we were form 2. They have been with me through thick and thin and they are very great people :D Miss you guys already.

Form 5 librarians 2013. (not in the picture: Hariz)
The pic simply says AWESOME.

The heir to the throne, Izzul and Afiqah. Make the school proud guys :D

Librarians, the library, has taught me, that knowledge, is never ending. No matter how many books you read, you will never have enough. Always strive in the race to obtain knowledge whether it be religious, science or art. The more you read, the more you dont know about the world. Thats the most fascinating part :)

Librarians, never doubt your capability, remember, we dont take care of books, we take care of knowledge so it can be passed on to the next generation.

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