Apr 9, 2014

Which way?

Assalammualaikum :)

We're walking. Moving to a mutual destination. Baby steps, baby steps. Start from cute little baby steps. With our parents holding our hands, walking with us side by side. We follow their path, because we are too young to move alone. As we walk, watching our parents, every step that they take, every move that they make, we learn from them, we think like them to a certain point.

Then we let go, good or bad, we have inherited and started our journey with our parents legacies. Those precious baby steps. Good or bad, we have to keep going. Because these legs are like streams and rivers, they move head on, non-stop, and there's no turning back. 

We're still moving, walking to reach that certain destination that we all look up to. As we move on, we start to learn, that those baby steps, are illusions, just the touch of the surface of reality. Then we start to feel pain. heart breaking, tear dropping, scar bearing pain. But we need to move.

As we go along, we notice, that the road, will always be crossed. Every turn we make will have more turns. But they all lead to the same point. But which way should we go? There are signs, there people on every turn, telling us what lies ahead. We are there, standing, looking around. Constantly asking ourselves, where should I go?

Then we start having people walking beside us. Sharing our journey. They also feel the same way, constantly at war with their carnality, their hearts, on their choice of path. But, you go through it together. Then at one point, they'll make their own turns, and we meet up with new people, sharing our moments during our journey. We all move on. Always thinking, 'whats next?'

We are pressured.
We feel tensed.
For every path we use, every choice we make,
will determine how we reach our destination. and how it will end.

They say change is impossible, its fixed, there's no way YOU can make a change.
They say that when a person is like that, they are like that. You can't change someone when they ARE like that.
They say that nobody's perfect.

Did anyone tell them that YOU can make a change?
Did anyone tell them, that someone CAN change?
Did anyone tell them that at least, people can TRY to become perfect?



Imagine yourself in a situation and you needed to make a choice. Imagine that situation is a really big sphere, and there are many arrows pointing from the center to the outer part of the sphere. These arrows are your choices that determine your outcome of the situation. Once you make a choice, that arrow will lead you to another huge sphere with many other different arrows.

And before making those choices, there are always external factors that manipulate your choices. But in the end, it is you who makes them.

The only thing that's stopping you from making the right choices are:


Its true that we were raised in different environments, different cultures and different teachings, but would it be wise to blame on every single one of them, when God gave you a good mind to analyse so you may choose which one to follow?

And would it be wise to blame other people for your actions? Curse them, humiliate them, bring them a greater pain because you didnt get what you wanted in the end?

To blame the uncontrollable, is unwise.
When you can focus on the things that can be controlled, such as ourselves.

Wounds heal, but scars remain. Stop yourselves from creating wounds, for the pain of the scars is unbearable.

Our imperfections should not be ignored nor should it be emphasized, but it should be reminded, that we have flaws that are needed to be corrected.
Stop focusing on the downfall, and start focusing on the resurrection, for the plannings ahead are the most important.

Our journey has not yet ended, on every turn, there are still reminders, on every path there are still companions, holding your hands and making sure you succeed.

All you need to do,
 is choose :)


  1. dude i love this post, thank you.

    1. Awww shucks, haha, thanks. your welcome :)

  2. bro,so meaningful.kau tulis sebab kau tgh rasa ke?hihi tipu la kalau tak, because umur 18 tahun ni tahun utk memilih kehidupan.

    1. Hahaha, tak semestinya. Ada la sikit. Tapi ini lebih umum, untuk orang ramai :D

  3. ohh haha okayyyy faham2 :)


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