Dec 8, 2011


Assalammualaikum (x jawab dosa).. 
I would like to ask a question to the readers of this blog:
1. Is our country really independent or so to speak 'MERDEKA'?
2. If yes, can you please describe the independence that Malaysia has achieved?
3. If no, then please give me or the government some BRILLIANT suggestions on how w can achieve the independence our country actually needs?
(if you can answer these simple questions, then you are pleased to comment:D)

FIY, I'm worrid about my country!. If you read the news for the past few months, you would have notice a major thing that is happening in our country. a 'thing' that we should all be worried about, and that is:
I know i'm too young to talk about politics,
and I know that I am a normal citizen,
But I have the right to be worried and I have the right to FEEL scared of whats gonna happen to our country if this UNSTABLE PHENOMENON continues......

Its coming through all kinds of directions, most people feel that we have achieved 'merdeka', but they don't see the big picture! The real word means peace and harmony, but with the situation that our country is experiencing now is not peace at all! With all the parties (not naming any parties), accusing, bad mouthing, teasing the other parties, how are we going to achieve this so called peace?

We can see that humans now a days are HUNGRY FOR POWER and influence, and some LEADERS even have have the gut to sell his religion for those two things above! What do teachers teach us in schools?

CIKGU:  nanti kat luar, selalu jadikan saingan itu sebagai satu saingan yang sihat! Jangan memaki hamun, mngejek, memfitnah orang lain untuk menang, tak elok.

I guess, some leaders didnt get the right education before becoming a leader. Its so sad really, but we cant do anything now can we? we are normal people with normal lives. FORTUNATELY we can do something! We can get to know all th parties and what they are fighting for, we can find out how their ambitions and their ways of achieving those ambitions, we can vote THE RIGHT PARTY and make our country more peaceful.

(cool, its in red, hehe:D)
DONT JUDGE A BOOK (party) BY IT'S COVER (promises)!
If you want to vote, vote for a party that has don sooo many for their land, observe what that party has done soo far for their country, Identify how they do those things, is it through a safe and allowed way? 
or through a sick and dreadful way such as BRIBERY (oh look, its in green green stands for money)...

Sooo, what do you say?? Do you think you deserve freedom? do you think you deserve the right to feel safe??
IF you are a voter, make your choices well, IF your not a voter, then do what I do, PRAY SO THAT WE LEAVE IN PEACE!!


Dec 2, 2011


Assalammualaikum... huh, life, what a great blessing from Allah The Almighty... Today, is a changed routine for me, cause I went to fulfill my Friday Prayers at my village's mosque, and I liked it very much because of theeeeeeeeee:


Today's khutbah really hit me on the head, even though it talked about the normal things that we hear everyday, but it reall hit me, it's main title was HIJRAH, hears what he said a little...

(try imagine this guy reading the weekly khutbah at your mosque)

          Wahai para muslimin, Rasulullah SAW berhijrah ke Madinah, bukan sekadar berpindah, tetapi untuk menjauhkan umatnya daripada kekafiran dan kesesatan di Mekkah. Beliau berhijrah bertujuan untuk membuat perubahan terhadap umatnya, nak buktikan bahawa perubahan ke jalan Allah akan membuatkan hidup kita lebih aman dan selesa. Beliau mahu hati umatnya TERANG dan jauh daripada kegelapan. Jika Allah tidak memerintahkan supaya umat islam berhijrah, maka HATI MEREKA SEMUA AKAN MENJADI KERAS melebihi batu. ALLAH TELAH BERFIRMAN:

"Kemudian hatimu menjadi keras seperti batu, bahkan lebih keras lagi. Padahal di antara batu-batu itu,
ada yang mengalir sungai-sungai darinya dan di antaranya ada yang terbelah,
lalu keluarlah mata air darinya dan di antaranya ada yang meluncur jatuh kerana takut kepada ALLAH.
Dan ALLAH sekali-kali tidak lalai dari apa yang kamu kerjakan"
(surah Al-Baqarah ayat 74)

Sudah terbukti bahawa manusia ini mempunyai hati yang sangat keraaas. Tapi INGATLAH wahai muslimin dan muslimat, hati ini boleh dilembutkan dengan hijrah! Dengan niat kita untuk berubah, dengan keikhlasan kita untuk memperbaiki diri kita, INSYAALLAH, hati akan jadi lembut untuk beribadah kepada Allah.
(sorry for all the non-malay readers, im a little lazy to translate at the moment)

Well there you go, our hearts as been said in the AL-QURAN is harder than stone, but that can change if  we have the initiative to change and become a better person.

Believe that we CAN be the person that Allah tells us to be. Try to overcome your FEAR, try to manage your TIME, try to control your TEMPER. Dont become someone who hates another human being because of ENVY. This is all syaitan's work!

 "our change can make a bigger change"

Nov 29, 2011


"Stereo Hearts"
(feat. Adam Levine)

[Adam Levine:]
My heart's a stereo
It beats for you, so listen close
Hear my thoughts in every no-o-o-te
Make me your radio
And turn me up when you feel low
This melody was meant for you
Just sing along to my stereo

[Travie McCoy:]
Gym Class Heroes baby!
If I was just another dusty record on the shelf
Would you blow me off and play me like everybody else?
If I asked you to scratch my back, could you manage that?
Like yea fucked up, check it Travie, I can handle that
Furthermore, I apologize for any skipping tracks
It's just the last girl that played me left a couple cracks
I used to, used to, used to, now I'm over that
'Cause holding grudges over love is ancient artifacts

If I could only find a note to make you understand
I'd sing it softly in your ear and grab you by the hand
Just keep it stuck inside your head, like your favorite tune
And know my heart's a stereo that only plays for you

My heart's a stereo
It beats for you, so listen close
Hear my thoughts in every no-o-o-te
Make me your radio
And turn me up when you feel low
This melody was meant for you
Just sing along to my stereo

Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh to my stereo
Oh oh oh oh so sing along to my stereo

[Travie McCoy:]
Let's go!
If I was an old-school fifty pound boombox (remember them?)
Would you hold me on your shoulder wherever you walk
Would you turn my volume up in front of the cops (turn it up)
And crank it higher everytime they told you to stop
And all I ask is that you don't get mad at me
When you have to purchase mad D batteries
Appreciate every mixtape your friends make
You never know we come and go like on the interstate

I think I finally found a note to make you understand
If you can hit it, sing along and take me by the hand
Just keep me stuck inside your head, like your favorite tune
You know my heart's a stereo that only plays for you

My heart's a stereo
It beats for you, so listen close
Hear my thoughts in every no-o-o-te
Make me your radio
Turn me up when you feel low
This melody was meant for you
Just sing along to my stereo

Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh to my stereo
Oh oh oh oh so sing along to my stereo

I only pray you'll never leave me behind (never leave me)
Because good music can be so hard to find (so hard to find)
I take your head and hold it closer to mine
Thought love was dead, but now you're changing my mind

My heart's a stereo
It beats for you, so listen close
Hear my thoughts in every no-o-o-te
Make me your radio
Turn me up when you feel low
This melody was meant for you
Just sing along to my stereo

Oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh to my stereo
Oh oh oh oh (Gym Class Heroes baby!) so sing along to my stereo


Nov 28, 2011

Hypocrite 2.0

Manusia-manusia....bilalah kau nak berubah..

Ingatlah wahai saudara-saudaar ku sekalian...Untuk berubah tu bukannye senang, tapi tidak mustahil sama sekali. 

'Every goal, dream, target WILL be achieved by taking the most important step, which is the first step'
and there you have it... The real story is, AWAL MUHARRAM! Permulaan bulan islam, permulaan satu hijrah, permulaan untuk berubah. Tapi, manusia makin pelik...(termasuklah aku). Mereka semua, "menyeru" dengan sekuat hati supaya semua orang berubah, 

"wey, tolong berubah! jangan lah buat mcm nie lagi!"

Tapi diorg tidak pernah sedar sama sekali, bahawa mereka lah yang patut berubah! Saya setuju dengan semua kawan2 saya yang kata "kita patut menegur, nanti mcm mne dia nak berubah", tapi ingat, kita pon kene berubah... Kita harus sedar bahawa kelemahan yang ada pada diri kita teramatlah banyak... Tegur dia dengan baik, bila dia tak terima, doakan dia supaya dia berubah, jangan nak kutuk dia kat ruangan yang terbuka, x elok..

Dan ingatlah wahai orang yang ditegur, terima lah dengan hati yang terbuka, kalau nak membantah, membantah lah dengan berhemah dan berhikmah...

Satu penjelasan bagi semua manusia yang salah faham dengan peribahasa jaga tepi kain orang.. Peribahasa ini merujuk kepada manusia yang KETERLALUAN mengambil perihal tentang seseorg yang lain.. mengambil berat dan dan ambil tahu sangat berbeza dengan peribahas tadi...

Apa yang saya mahu katakan ialah, sama2 kita menuju ke jalan yang sebenar sama-sama tanpa meninggalkan sapa-sapa di belakang... Tegur lah dengan hemah, terima tegur dengan hati yang terbuka.. itu jer... and one more thing..

I love my friends!!!

Nov 20, 2011


Assalamualaikum, hello everyone! Today I dont feel like doing anyhing..
I just want to lay on my bed..
Haha, as you can see, I am very relaxed today..
-cool- |8

Thats right, you get what i'm saying? haha...
straight to he point... Ive been a little emotional lately and it's quite bothering me...
when i say emotional i meant
various emotions..
and i somehow over came it wiiiiiiiiith...

Funny actually.. DO you feel me brother??
reader: youre insane
me: do i care??

And that is called talking to yourself... say it again, taalkiing too yooure self.. get it?..
I am emotional.. huh... 
Lets continue!
I will always suite my emotions with a certain type or specific kind of song... examples!




In love:


and i hear these songs all the time.. they soothe myself.. and always remind me to be patient and positive..
If not the lyrics, the rythm itself will help..
Its really amazing how music can effect a persons life that much..:D


there is this one music that tops of all of the above, I am not trying to be a show off or anything but, its for the better good of the people..

Its is........ al-QURAN...

It is undeniable that the quran will always be the best.. It has a kind of force that calms the human heart..

I love it and always will love it.. thats all for now..


Nov 19, 2011




Nov 6, 2011


(x jawab dosa):D

Sudah sekian lama blog ini tidak di'update'kan.. haha, rindu pulak internet... Selepas PMR dah habis nie rasa relax semacam. Rasa macam hidup nie dah x de apa-apa dah (selain tanggungjawab wajib la). Rasa macam hidup nie dah boleh relax sepenuhnya, sehinggalah nampak buku teks tingkatan empat... dan juga subjek PHYSICS yang terpapar di buku teksnya.. haha, rehat sikit lagi...

Sejak kebelakangan ini kan, banyak peristiwa yang telah berlaku... dalam hidup saya, kawan keluarga... Banyak perkara yang tidak diduga.. dan mulalah cerita kita...:D

Saaaatu pagi, berlaku satu perbualan antara kawan baik yang cukup terkenal dengan hubungan erat mereka. Mereka berbual dengan semangat, cerita ntah apa tah... sampai lompat2 dan gelak terhabak2.. Kalau orang sekeliling tengok tak rasa nak marah tapi rasa macam nak senyum dan tumpang gembira kerana mereka mempunyai hubungan yang sangat baik. Sehinggalah ke petang, berlaku satu pertengkaran... X de sapa yang tau apa yang berlaku secara batin, tapi hanya lihat secara zahirnya, -mereka bergaduh-...

Tiba2 satu kelas jadi muram, kerana suasana kelas tidak diisi dengan gelak ketawa dua "sahabat" tadi... secara asalnya diorang duduk berdua tapi sekarang dah berpisah, sorg duduk sebelah timur kelas dan sorg lagi barat kelas melayan fikiran masing2... huhu, maka teramatlah sedih beta melihat.. maka beta pun bertitah kepada seorang sahabt itu "napa kau bergaduh dengan die?", die pun menjawab dengan garang "ahhh!! aku x nak cakap pasal die! aku x nak dengar pon nama budak tuh! buat sakit hati jer! aku punya layan die dengan baik die boleh buat mcm tuh kat aku?? kau pikir aku nie sapa??"...
     Dengan berat hati pon beta beransur dan bertanya kepada sahabat seorang lagi tuh, tanya soalan yang sama, jawapan nya lagi dasyat..." kau tau x! manusia macam DIA tuh(sambil menunjuk) x layak dipanggil kawan! malah x layak hidup di dunia ini!" aku punya susah payah............................." sampai habis.

Pergaduhan ini berlarutan sehinggalah bulan depan.. sangat merisaukan. X de sapa yang berusaha untuk merapatkan mereka...


Kita ambil iktibar daripada cerita ini: Manusia semua membuat kesilapan, memang tidak dinafikan.. kesilapan tidak akan lari dalam kehidupan kita, tapi yang membuat kesilapan kita menjadi perbuatan yang berfaedah ialah dengan membaiki kesilapan itu. Ambillah kesilapan sebagai satu petunjuk untuk menjadi manusia yang lebih baik di muka bumi ini.. Kalaulah dua sahabat tadi mengaku kesilapan diorang, sudah tentu persahabatan diorang sekarang berterusan.. tetapi sebab kesombongan dan ego diorang tali silaturahim terputus... astaghfirullah.................................................

daningatlahwahaimanusia,berubahlahuntukkebaikan.orangyangakanmembantukitadalamkehidupanialahkawankita :D

Selamat hari raya aidil adha..

Oct 28, 2011


Assalamualaikum.... long time no read and update.. haha, I AM FREE.... free at last.. so are my friends... well, you get the idea.
Sooo, exams are OVER, already see the picture, Im celebrating national TWICE! haha, funny actually.. Great experience though... its something like this,

Everyone is gathered in front of the hall,
The monitor reads the prayer.. "YA ALLAH, KAU TENANGKANLAH HATI-HATI KAMI!"
the more he reads it, the more my heart beat goes crazy..
its uncontrollable... Its gone mad... He finished, we all became silent, the prefect in charge calls us in...
"Semua calon boleh masuk ke dalam dewan peperiksaan"
We walk with uneasy steps, one two, one two..

"Okay, semua pelajar boleh berhenti menjawab, tahniah kerana anda semua sudah menjawab Penilaian Menengah Rendah selama seminggu"
The hall goes wild... The nothingness knocks on the door... Three years and it only takes a week..
its done and said.. cant look back...

Its sad really, for three years and it is resulted in a week or so.. It would be a real shame if you did not succeed.. Oh well, whats done is done...


From the title above, I am very:

It is really amzing how a single glance at the person you like can put an "ear to ear" grin on your face.. That is a fact you have to face.. It cannot be told... it must be experienced.. even though that person dont talk to you, just smiles at you for no good reason, that grin will eventually appear on your face without realizing it....  that happened to me... all the time.. I didnt realize at first but it happens .. I find it quite funny actually..Seeing that im not that type of guy.. I guess some things change dont they.. Haha, I hope I dont get caught red handed smiling out of the blue after talking to someone.. That would be really awkward!

AND! It happened so recently that the "tragedy" is happening right now in front of... Its so fresh and wonderful... Haha, fantasies... they really make you go mad... Oh well, let be a dream that will always be dreamt..


Sep 17, 2011


Assalamualaikum dan selamat pagi saya ucapkan kepada semua manusia yang masih bernafas.. Nikmatnya kalau masih dapat bernafas dengan sempurna... Tunggu jap, ada berita....


This just in, on the 4th of October, a Nasional war is about to commence in our nation.. It is informed that more than 100,000 thousand soldiers aged 15 years will participate. Its against 9 or 8 killer papers with pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, compasses, and a whole lot of brain work as their weapons to protect themselves and their nation. It will be held in a big hall which all these brave soldiers will remember for the rest of their lives! These soldiers will do whatever it takes to win this war. Its between life and death (success and failure)... It be will a once in a lifetime for them. "We have trained for three years just for this war, we have waited and its torture for us.. The wait will end, we will be victorious!" told the students of SABERIS with a whole lot of umph. "One way or another, I will be the one who will make history, so will my friends, we will shake the hall with our spirit of success!" told another student from SABERIS.

      It looks like the whole nation is feeling this upcoming war in their guts. But they have no fear because they believe, they  BELIEVE that the young generation will prevail this year and make history forever. STRAIGHT A'S!


Haha, macam kenal jer 'soldier' tuh.. Tapi yang pasti, semua 'soldier' dalam brita akan berusaha dengan bersungguh-sungguh untuk menghrumkan nama diri, kelas, batch, sekolah, daerah, negeri dan negara!

Semoga mereka semua memperolh kemenangan!
Semoga kita semua memperoleh kmengan.. :D :D :D :D


Sep 15, 2011


Assalamualaikum.. hello semua.. haha, lama dah tak update blog ni.. maklumlah sibuk dengan peperiksaan. Ramadhan sudah tiba, dan sudah pulang  lagi.. Syawal mengambil alih.. X leh nak buat apa dah.. dah lepas.. hehe...
Back to our story... From the title above, I would like to elaborate on the word  HYPOCRITE..

And for this post, and this post only, I am going to touch a little on the surface on politics and religion.. I am only concerned, and I will not speak of any names.. That, I will keep.


Definition: an act which relates to selfishness and arrogance. (own definition)
Example: A guy told his friend to not litter.....five minutes later, he littered all the plastic he could find in his pocket at the time..

I hope you understand... Well for today, I want to talk generally about this word... In Islam, people who practice this kind of stuff is seen as a low-life being who has no respect for himself.. This is because, this kind of act is only proving to the eyes of the that the person who did it, is a person that has no awareness that his/her doings are stupid and bringing disrespect to his surroundings and himself..(note that he is general...)

Lets start with the individual..

I have already given an example for individuals above.. We give people advice.. We tell them 'dont do this!', 'dont do that'... but in reality, we ourselves are doing those things.. It is really a disgusting kind of unhumane characterisitic for a human being to have.. What do you feel when someone scholds you like hell, then you see that guy do the same thing what you did.. wont you see that act as idiotic? haha, I hope you do.. Everyone makes mistakes... its natural... Its the law of life, and we have to accept our wrong doings.. And if we see people do bad things, give them advice in a way that the  person can accept it.. Talk slowly and wisely... Dont shout and scream at him like this

(To all mothers, please dont take it personally...) hehe:DD

Talk slowly, INSYAALLAH, that person will except it eventually.. and this statement is generally.. It includes all the politicians, students, teachers, boys and girls, EVERYone!! Please take this advice as a way to improve yourself... To all you politicians, instead of giving stupid promises just to get power and wealth, try and do the right thing just because you want our land to see the light of joy and success..

Try and show the people that you guys can be the ones who wants to change the world for the better good and not for your own needs and greed..


I opened this topic because ive seen and watched soo many controversies in our country.. there are soo many things that are not supposed to be.. You are fighting with each other for power and wealth..Its ridiculous... At what point will you continue to fight? Can you imagine what our life will be for the next generation if we are ruled by selfish leaders?? who would want to lead our country? that, we will find out in the next few years...

Pelikkan, orang sekarang sanggup jual agamanya semata-mata untuk pengaruh dan kuasa dan duit untuk dirinya.. membuat janji-janji palsu untuk benda-benda nie... Tak paham la.. rredha je la..


Jul 30, 2011

This come from the heart

Assalamualaikum hi guys..:D

I know for the past posts, ive been talking rubbish and nonsense.. well, im just so reluctant to tell what I really wanna say.. I have sooooooooooo many things to say, but they just cant come out. For some odd reason, I wanna keep these secrets in my heart till I find someone that really understands my true being. Someone who can keep up with a mind like mind. If I can find that friend, then I will eventually gain peace...

I must admit, I have soo many friends, but they all just seem so indifferent.. But there is one person, we have something in common, but that person is avoiding for some curious reason... Oh well, the search will always continue.. sooo many problems, what to do, what to do..

What can I say, problems are just like a road that never ends..

And our job as muslims is to solve that problem by following the rules in the Quran.. Ask guideness from Allah.. Ask for a friend that we want most, a friend that can share his/her thoughts freely because they trust us knowing who we are and who we arent.. Im talking about all these stuff is because my friend is having a lot of trouble(by the looks of her expression and thoughts) and she is really making me worried.. (for some reason).. and I'm having trouble worrying about her.. funny really.. Hope your doing alright..  



urmm..... I've keepin it for a long time.. I just dont know how to say it.. every time I try to forget you, your image pops into my head.. the music you make, unbelievable.. I dont know how to say this.. I'll try my best.. youve always been  by my side.. Always listening, understanding, nodding to my thoughts..

Its like your the love of my life...
I just cant imagine what i would do without you...

Its so seldom i get to be with you.. All the times i've had with you are precious memories that I will treasure all my life...

Blog, i'm gonna miss you so very much, dont miss me too much..:D

Jul 29, 2011

Talkin to da moooon...

Hi guys, long time no see, hear, feel, sense and smell..
whats up guys??? having fun with life?

Well if u ask me, its going pretty well...
Lets start with the storytelling.. 

I know your somewhere out there.
somewhere far away
I want you back, I want you back,
My neighbors think im crazy,
but they dont understand
ur all i have,
and night when the stars shine all my rooms,
i sit by myself, talking to the moon..
(pause right there)

Nice song right? haha, bruno, genius man...(jom jiwang jap) haha:D...
Guys, brace urself! Im talking to the moon... haha, I saw this girl the other day, I saw her talking(well debating actually) and I couldnt forget her face... ITS MIND BOBBLING really.. She wuz llike the girl of my dreams... I wanted to talk to her, but she wuz talking with someone else... I didnt have the guts... so I started talking to the moon.. funny actually..

Haha, soo very cute.. I think shes really niice... U never know.. lets find out.. hehe:D Well thats life, they come and go.. I wonder if i might meet her one day.. She might just talk to me... that would be a great surprise! That might just be a dream...  i'll just keep on talking to the moon...:D
One day mystery girl...:DD

Jul 9, 2011

Wahai kawan! bertenang....

Assalamualaikum kepada semua.. this time, i wanna tell you a story about a friend ive known for a few years.. a best friend actually... Very nice, open minded, nice to talk, nice to be with... and really loves music and vampires... Let begin:

   This personn was born on the 26th of February 1996, shes a girl.. very smart and very booky... Hahaha..:D..

Tapi skarg sbb die nak PMR, die makin stress, dan sedih... Masalah yang bertimbun-timbun... tapi x de siapa yang boleh tolong..Wahai kawanku! LA TAHZAN! Ana tahu yang anda sendg bersedih dan x de sapa yg berada di sisimu untuk meluahkan perasaan anta.. wahai kawan! satu hari nnti, kita akan bebas daripada belenggu pembelajaran..(pastu satu tahun lagi berulang).. tapi tuh SPM, lama lagi..

X lama khal, skit jer lagi... Kawan yang sejati tuh akan tiba, tidak lama lagi...  Minta maaf banyak-BANYAK jika ana ada buat silap dan telah menyakitkan hati anta... ana mnx maaf jika ana telah menyusahkan dan telah mengosongkan jiwa anta... PLease forgive me :D


Jul 8, 2011

Hakikat Dunia sekarang

Assalmualikum diucapkan kepada semua pembaca (gaya mcm ramai je org baca blog nie) yang setia membaca blog yang tak seberapa ini. Its been a real long time since Ive updated this blog. Apa khabar semua?? -khabar baik- haha:DD

Let us start the story...

Manusia-manusia, BILA LA KAU NAK INSAF?

Nie yang nak cite nie... Pernah x korang semua pikir bahawa hidup manusi pada zaman sekarang bagaikan lebah.. mari kita lihat :
Nampak x lebah tuh pergi mana? Do you see where the bee is heading to? Dia pergi kat bunga yang cantik dan menawan tuh. Seperti juga manusia, die suka akan kecantikan. Tapi agaknya, kalau bunga tuh x cantik, die pergi x? Dia x akan pergi! Macam manusia, bile bende yang die nak tuh x cantik, die x akan ambik!

Setiap manusia mempunyai tafsiran yang berebeza2 tentang perkataan cantik. Ada manusia yang kata, cantik hanya terletak di muka seseorang, ada yang kata cantik hanya terletak di rupa fizikal seseorang, ada yang kata cantik hanya  terletak di hati seseorang. Semua itu betul, dan semua manusia mengejar akan kecantikan tu.

Tetapi, kebanyakan manusia pada zaman sekarang, mengejar kecantikan yang sementara! Dia nak sangat muka die cantik, die nak sangat badan die 'tough', die mulalah makan steroid, letak 'botox' yang akhirnya membuatkan badan die jadi buruk pada masa yang akan datang.. Mari kita lihat :

kuat kan?? Lama- die jadi macam nie.. :

(pemikiran manusia) - EEEEEE, JIJIKNYA!!!! Tapi orng nie x sedar masa dulu.. die x pikir... Dah la banyak duit habis, pastu kene guna duit agi untuk merawat.. x kah susah macam tuh?? Cari lah kecantikan yang menyeluruh. Kecantikan iman dan hati adalah kecantikan yang paling menyeluruh. X suah pon, baca Al'Quran setiap hari, berzikir, solat lima waktu sehari.. Bende yang paling mudah dan senang, tapi orang ramai terlepas pandang... Oleh itu, Marilah kita sama-sama kejar kecantikan yang abadi...


May 30, 2011


assalamualaikum to all
dah lama dah tak sembang ngan korg.. hehe, hari ni baru sempat...
banyak bnde la nak cite...
cite bnde yang paling best la..


what is this HKSBP? well, its a programme where all SBP schools send their participants to compete in a competition (in this case DEBATE!!)... this is how the story goes..

TKC- tempat cerita berlaku... the school was so old and big! very beautiful buildings..and a very nice hall...

haha, best giler.... RESULTS:


surprisingly, we went to the second round... we never really expected pass the first round with flying colours!


INTESABER vs INTEK= menang!!

Are hopes were high to go the finals!! memang tidak sangka, alumni SBPI SABAK BERNAM debaters pon terkejut... sampai lah QUARTER FINALS:


INTESABER vs SMAP K= kalah!! 3-2... :'(

and it was all because of one silly mistake that some1 had done (not to mention names)... it was such a close debate that we lost to.. overall, it was a fun experience.. there were soo many things that ive learnt from my trip there.. and soo many new friends that was made (not anyone in particular)..hehe..:DD

oh well, well meet again SMAPK AT STAR!!!

Apr 16, 2011


assalamualaikum kepada pembaca.. skunk masih awal.. tapi tergerak ati aku nak update blog nie.. hmm.. aku ada citer...

aku nak citer skit pasal perkataan 'kenapa'..

inilah perkataan yang aku slalu cakap kat diri aku sendiri.. bnde yang slalu aku ckap.. setiap masa.. setiap hari, setiap minggu, setiap tahun, setiap saat, setiapsetiapsetiapsetiap...(x kan habeh la mcm ne)..

This proves to evryone that i am som1 who makes a lot of mistakes.. aku slalu membuat kesalahn.. tapi 'kenapa tuh x kan ubah ape2.. Wahai Nasran, hamba Allah yang lemah lagi kerdil di muka bumi ini... x guna la kau berkata2 bnde yang x mmbawa apa2 faedah kepada dirimu..(ceh jiwang)...


inilah kata2 yang slalu aku dgar dalam hati.. kata2 yang menaikkan smagt aku...
tapi perkataan tuh slalu terucap di mulut ku.. adooyai!

tulah citernyee... saja nak luahkan perasaan.. best la blog nie.. sik baek x ramai yang baca.. HAHA:P

Mar 17, 2011


assalamualaikum... hai :D.. bosan la hari ini.. nak maket skit la buku... korg penah x baca buku yang bertajuk "VLADIMIR TOD CHRONICLES".. x tipu la, kalau orang yang bace post nie berimaginasi tinggi, die akan suka buku nie... haha, fun, fantasy, a little romance and lots and lots and lots of vampire....stuff..

kalau korang rajin, usha2 la skit.. bagi pompuan sume, udah2 la baca novel cinta.. ubah haluan sekejap.

a readers thought..

wahh, feronoknyeewww..
haha, tgok org la.. nie muka depan die

note: A must read book for all you book lovers!

Mar 9, 2011

sedarlah wahai kawan-kawanku...

Bila hari kerja... manusia akan berkejar untuk keluar pagi-pagi..
takut dapat kad merah kerana lewat masuk keje.....
Nanti tak dapat markah tinggi.....

Bila Boss panggil ... tiada alasan untuk mengecualikan diri....
Manusia akan hadir & akur dgn perintah boss....
Takut nanti tak dapat pekerja cemerlang....

Bila dapat jemputan dinner / kenduri dsb...
Bersungguh-sungguh manusia menyiapkan diri untuk hadirkan diri.....

Pendek kata segalanya pantas.. untuk memenuhi tuntutan manusia.....


Bila AZAN berkumandang.....memangiil untuk menunaikan
perintah  ALLAH......

Allah Mahabesar Allah Mahabesar (2x)
Aku bersaksi bahwa
tidak ada Tuhan selain Allah (2x)
Saya bersaksi bahwa
Nabi Muhammad adalah utusan Allah (2x)
Mari kita mendirikan shalat (2x)
Mari kita meraih kemenangan (2x)
Allah Mahabesar Allah Mahabesar
Tidak ada tuhan selain Allah

Manusia TIDAK bersegera... Tidak PANTAS... Tidak Berkejar...
Untuk menunaikan SOLAT....

Manusia masih leka dengan urusan duniawi......
Ada yang wat tak tahu...
Ada yang dengar tapi buat tak dengar...
Ada yang... ah nantilah dulu....
Bertangguh dan bertangguh.....
Kenapa???? Tepuk dada tanyalah iman......

Berusaha...dan berazamlah... bahawa tatkala mendengar AZAN..
Minda tanpa sedar akan segera bertindak balas dengan perlakuan....
Apapun yang sedang dilakukan... berhentilah seketika...
Tunaikan SOLAT....

Sesungguhnya ALLAH swt yang memberi NIKMAT, KESENANGAN, REZEKI
dan jua KEMEWAHAN yang ada buat manusia.... yang sedang dikecapi..
Sudah tentu urusan ALLAH yang wajib didahulukan.....

Tetapi Manusia masih lalai... tidak memandang urusan ALLAH itu
sebenarnya lebih penting dari segalanya.....

Ingatlah... Bila ALLAH menyebut `kun fayakun.' segalanya akan bertukar
dengan sekelip mata.... Kerana segalanya adalah milik ALLAH...

'Ya ALLAH... jadikanlah kami diantara orang-orang yang tidak lalai
untuk mengerjakan SOLAT dan SOLAT tepat pada waktunya....
Ya ALLAH... kami juga mohon kepadaMU.. jadikanlah kami diantara
orang-orang yang ISTIQAMAH dalam mengerjakan perintahMU dan
menjauhi laranganMU.... Amin......"

Berkejarlah untuk setiap urusan ALLAH... Segeralah menunaikan SOLAT
Diambil oelh insan hensem dan mulia yang bernama Muhammad Afiq Iskandar:-

Bersabarlah wahai kawan..

~Assalamualaikum kepada semua....~

Ceriakan hari ini?? Sesungguhnya, hari berbahagia ini tidak perlu dibuang begitu sahaja. Marilah kita sama-sama menggunakan peluang ini sebaiknya..
Ape aku merepek nie... haha, sebenarnya aku ada cite nak kongsi.. adalah budak yang aku kenal.. die dulu kwan baik aku kat skolah dulu.. ada' la skolah mner.. x yah tnye. Tapi mengenangkn kisah hidup die, aku rasa mcm nak kongsi jer kat korang sume..

Once upon a time, in a far-far away land.. there lived a princess who lives with a prince named zorro.. haha.. x de lah..
Bdak nie sekarang berumur 15 tahun.. dulu die duduk kelang dengan keluarga dia.. die mempunyai dua ibu bapa yang tercinta dan empat adik beradik termasuk dia.. nama.............. x perlu disebut lah.. kesian pulak kat dia.. dia anak kedua dan dia merupakan anak yang sangat baik yang suka menolong ibubapa dia (aku tau sebab aku slalu tido kat umah die), die suka sangat main dengan adik dia.. ketika itu, dia baru enam tahun.. abg die berumur 8 tahun.. (aku ingat sebab die kawan baik aku..hehe xD)..

Pada tahun 2002, ibu dia mendapat tawaran untuk buat Phd di luar negara.. Dan disitu lah bermulanya kekacauan di dalam hidup dia..

Kawan aku pon ikut la... Pada awal nye, die suka sangat kat sana.. Suasan nya sangat berbeza dengan Malaysia.. Taman dipenuhi dengan bunga dan teknologi disana sangat canggih.. Tapi dia cakap makanan halal kat sana susah sangat nak cari.... Pandang kanan, kedai babi, pandang kiri, kedai babi, pandang depan, gerai hamburger, pandang belakang, ada la roti2 ngan satu kedai pakistan yang jual dging hala.. haha:D.. Die kata sedap..

Pada tanggal 2003, die telah menyaksikan satu pertarungan antara ibu bapa die.. die citer mcm ultraman lawan ultraman..(fikiran budak2 lah kan).. sangat dahsyat.. tampar sana, tampar sini.... siap polis terpaksa datang nak tamatkan  "pertarungan" tuh... die kata die ada dua perasaan... satu:-

sedih yang teramat!

Yang kedua, marah.. dia terpikir, "kenapa jadi begini?"... die sangat sedih.. tapi dia baru tujuh tahun masa tuh.. x boleh nak buat ape lah kan... selang beberpa hari, Bpak die panggil sume adik beradik die (termasuk dia).. pastu bapak die cakap.."along, jaga adik2 tau.. papa nak balik malaysia, ada keje kat sana..." pastu die pun hidup dengan mak ngan adik beradik die kat sana... selepas tuh, die kata pada tahun yang sama, mak dia ada rancang nak kahwin..(dengan org melayu lah).. pastu die pon pikir, ait, bukan ke mak aku dah kahwin dengan bapak die.. die semakin runsing... die pon tnye mak die.. die kata mcm nie..

"ibu, napa ibu nak kahwin lagi.. apa jadi kat ayah? ibu x sayngkan ayah dah ker?".. ibu die pon jawab" angah, ibu kene terus teranglah kat angah dengan along..".. pastu die pon panggil lah abg dier.. Ibu pon mula berkata2.. "along, angah.. sebenarnya, ibu dah cerai dengan ayah along, angah.. ibu x rasa sesuailah dengan ayah... lagipun, ayah dah kahwin dengan org lain kat Malaysia... ibu pon x boleh sarakan along, angah tanpa seorg bapa.."... die kata masa tuh, air mata die turun mcm hujan, hampir nak jadi tsunami!.. x de lah.. die kata mcm tuh la.. masa pon berjalan.. akhirnya die terpaksa saksikan perkahwinan ibunya dengan lelaki laen... orang laen semua bergembira, tetapi dia dengan adik beradik dia semua sedih dan pilu...x tao nak cakap apa dah..dia pon terpaksa hidup dengan dua keluarga..

Masa tetap berlalu.. keputusan perlu dibuat.. satu hari ni, die dan abg dia melalui satu masa yang sangat susah... Ayah mereka menawarkan untuk tinggal bersama die dgan keluarganya di Malaysia... tapi mak die nak mereka tinggal di sana.. Keperitan untuk memilih...sedih la aku dengar cite die.. die kata, die nampak air mata ibunya jatuh kerana memujuk mereka tinggal bersamanya.. die dan abgnya mendengar tangisan ayahnya supaya balik malaysia dan tinggal bersamanya.. dan mulalh ungkit cite, "dulu ibu", "dulu ayah".. bertambah susah hidup diorang.. akhirnya, diorang balik malaysia..(part nie aku x pham sgat, mcm mner diorng boleh balik malaysia.. hehe:D, lupe).. Perpisahan.........

Masa pon berlalu, lagi... akhirnya, ibu yang tinggal di sana balik malaysia dan sambung pelajaran di sini.. hmm, mcm mne lah hidup die skrang?? aku pon dah lama dah x jmpe die.. Tapi dialah kawan aku yang baik... keperitannya sangat dirasai olehku...

SUMIMASEN... minta maaf sangat kalau korang terasaa ker, tapi aku tulis cerita nie sbb kenangkan akwan aku nie.. dan menti maaf kalau korang x pham sgat citer nie.... komen la klu korang ada rsa kesian dalam hati tuh.. :DD

Mar 5, 2011


Assalammualikum to everyone who is reading.. hi again, its me, again... haha... Today, i will be talking about politics... oh wait, umm.. i will be talking about science.. hmm, that doesnt sound right. hah! I will be talking about presents. no, food? class??.. haha, I guess im lost.. Well thats the main idea, i will be talking about life..

You must be thinking, (in weird alien voice), why the hell is this guy talking about life?? Well for your information, we humans are facing a crisis where people are killing themselves out of sheer stupidity.. Can
you imagine people do suicide because their loved ones (e.g girlfriend) forgot to send back a love letter.. Completely insane..

what I want to highlight in this is that we should treasure every minute of our lives..

 from when we were born-:
                                                                  (aww, so cuutee!!)

till we become this-:

                                                               (i hope not hehe...)

I am spealking on behalf of I LOVE MY LIFE Organisation (no such thing).. I have to admit that life has many obstacles that we need to face but its all in good time... Every part of living is a treasure to us.. Wouldnt our moms sacrifices be a wasted if threw our lives away like that.. I wouldnt forgive myself..

Anyway, enough me babling. Back to reality.. Just so you know, today is my birthday and many people wished a happy birthday to me so thanks guys.. And then i realised, how much I appreciate my life... Im already fifteen and so many memories that are valuable to me..  All those good times spent with my friends, family...

Mostly school.. school!! haha... day after day we get older... some people get married, others stay strong all alone.. ahh, the pain.. But the thought of letting this all go is insane...Just so you know, I love my life.. Every damn second is like treasure to me.. Even though it has its up's and down's..

They are all valuable.. All of my friends, family, reltives, the ones closest to me.. Cant imagine losing them.. In the end we all end up in here

Soo... what do you think?? I might have gotten overboard but you do get the point. do you??i hope you do.. so please, do live your life at its best.. is the only one we have..

Mar 4, 2011


Assalamualikum..... ha ni, aku nak cito skit tentang orang utara yg bernamo Anwar Haidi.. kalau hang kona dio, dio orang yang saya panggil ORANG YANG BERGUNA...
Dipanggil demikian kerana video yang bagi berguno... aku cakap orang utara sebab kampung aku kat kanga'... lawat la skali-skala, asyik dok kat banda' jo.. mai jap.. haha...

kembali ke alam realiti, ini die video Anwar Haidi yang aku maksud kan...

sronok dan klako... haha...
ini hanya salah satu video yang die buat.. ada banyak lagi... kebanyakkan video pasal zaman moden sekarang.. haha... termasuk aku la.. tapi ape yang kemukakan sgat betol... haha, betoi la ape yang die ckap... Tapi org laen x nok dengo cakap... siap kutuk orang yang nak cubo menaikkan nme MALAYSIA... takkah ape yang die buat nie mnde yang benor?? jika hang sume tengok kat youtube, ada komen yang x patut diberi ish2...

Org melayu nie berat betoi mulut die nak nyanyi lagu NEGARKU, lagu kebangsaan kita..nyanyi je la, bkan nya sush pon.. tapi agknye org yang x nak nyanyi tu kan, penat sgat ckap mnde x betoi kot....
tu yang mulut jadi busuk tu.. haha... x de lah...
kite org melayu keno jaga maruah dan adat yang ada... jgan bio melayu ketinggalan!! hidup melayu

   (nie najib, hansom kan?? haha, perdana menteri tercinta..)(skali-skala nak market PM kiter bkannye slalu) INGAT...

TUNGGU sebentar... ini lah muka insan yang tunjukkan video kpd aku.. renungkanlah..
                                                        (SITI AISYAH BINTI JAMIL)

Music to my ears