Jul 30, 2011

This come from the heart

Assalamualaikum hi guys..:D

I know for the past posts, ive been talking rubbish and nonsense.. well, im just so reluctant to tell what I really wanna say.. I have sooooooooooo many things to say, but they just cant come out. For some odd reason, I wanna keep these secrets in my heart till I find someone that really understands my true being. Someone who can keep up with a mind like mind. If I can find that friend, then I will eventually gain peace...

I must admit, I have soo many friends, but they all just seem so indifferent.. But there is one person, we have something in common, but that person is avoiding for some curious reason... Oh well, the search will always continue.. sooo many problems, what to do, what to do..

What can I say, problems are just like a road that never ends..

And our job as muslims is to solve that problem by following the rules in the Quran.. Ask guideness from Allah.. Ask for a friend that we want most, a friend that can share his/her thoughts freely because they trust us knowing who we are and who we arent.. Im talking about all these stuff is because my friend is having a lot of trouble(by the looks of her expression and thoughts) and she is really making me worried.. (for some reason).. and I'm having trouble worrying about her.. funny really.. Hope your doing alright..  


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