Sep 15, 2011


Assalamualaikum.. hello semua.. haha, lama dah tak update blog ni.. maklumlah sibuk dengan peperiksaan. Ramadhan sudah tiba, dan sudah pulang  lagi.. Syawal mengambil alih.. X leh nak buat apa dah.. dah lepas.. hehe...
Back to our story... From the title above, I would like to elaborate on the word  HYPOCRITE..

And for this post, and this post only, I am going to touch a little on the surface on politics and religion.. I am only concerned, and I will not speak of any names.. That, I will keep.


Definition: an act which relates to selfishness and arrogance. (own definition)
Example: A guy told his friend to not litter.....five minutes later, he littered all the plastic he could find in his pocket at the time..

I hope you understand... Well for today, I want to talk generally about this word... In Islam, people who practice this kind of stuff is seen as a low-life being who has no respect for himself.. This is because, this kind of act is only proving to the eyes of the that the person who did it, is a person that has no awareness that his/her doings are stupid and bringing disrespect to his surroundings and himself..(note that he is general...)

Lets start with the individual..

I have already given an example for individuals above.. We give people advice.. We tell them 'dont do this!', 'dont do that'... but in reality, we ourselves are doing those things.. It is really a disgusting kind of unhumane characterisitic for a human being to have.. What do you feel when someone scholds you like hell, then you see that guy do the same thing what you did.. wont you see that act as idiotic? haha, I hope you do.. Everyone makes mistakes... its natural... Its the law of life, and we have to accept our wrong doings.. And if we see people do bad things, give them advice in a way that the  person can accept it.. Talk slowly and wisely... Dont shout and scream at him like this

(To all mothers, please dont take it personally...) hehe:DD

Talk slowly, INSYAALLAH, that person will except it eventually.. and this statement is generally.. It includes all the politicians, students, teachers, boys and girls, EVERYone!! Please take this advice as a way to improve yourself... To all you politicians, instead of giving stupid promises just to get power and wealth, try and do the right thing just because you want our land to see the light of joy and success..

Try and show the people that you guys can be the ones who wants to change the world for the better good and not for your own needs and greed..


I opened this topic because ive seen and watched soo many controversies in our country.. there are soo many things that are not supposed to be.. You are fighting with each other for power and wealth..Its ridiculous... At what point will you continue to fight? Can you imagine what our life will be for the next generation if we are ruled by selfish leaders?? who would want to lead our country? that, we will find out in the next few years...

Pelikkan, orang sekarang sanggup jual agamanya semata-mata untuk pengaruh dan kuasa dan duit untuk dirinya.. membuat janji-janji palsu untuk benda-benda nie... Tak paham la.. rredha je la..


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