Jul 29, 2011

Talkin to da moooon...

Hi guys, long time no see, hear, feel, sense and smell..
whats up guys??? having fun with life?

Well if u ask me, its going pretty well...
Lets start with the storytelling.. 

I know your somewhere out there.
somewhere far away
I want you back, I want you back,
My neighbors think im crazy,
but they dont understand
ur all i have,
and night when the stars shine all my rooms,
i sit by myself, talking to the moon..
(pause right there)

Nice song right? haha, bruno, genius man...(jom jiwang jap) haha:D...
Guys, brace urself! Im talking to the moon... haha, I saw this girl the other day, I saw her talking(well debating actually) and I couldnt forget her face... ITS MIND BOBBLING really.. She wuz llike the girl of my dreams... I wanted to talk to her, but she wuz talking with someone else... I didnt have the guts... so I started talking to the moon.. funny actually..

Haha, soo very cute.. I think shes really niice... U never know.. lets find out.. hehe:D Well thats life, they come and go.. I wonder if i might meet her one day.. She might just talk to me... that would be a great surprise! That might just be a dream...  i'll just keep on talking to the moon...:D
One day mystery girl...:DD

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