Sep 2, 2012

Merdeka? Really?


Hello guys! To all Malaysian's who I love so dearly, MERDEKA for the 55th time!
For 55 years we have been blessed with freedom and peace. Living in a world where no wars or fights occur around us, never have to worry about our safety where ever we go, never really have to constantly bring a weapon even in the most desperate of times *per say the toilet ;) . We don't have to do those things anymore.

For years, before INDEPENDENCE, our soldiers and our beloved people have suffered oppression from the communist and the British, needless to say of course. They strive for the peace that we are enjoying right now. They put their lives on the line to ensure that we don't have to do the same in the future. For them, MERDEKA is the most valuable thing a person could ever achieve.


That's the direct meaning of MERDEKA. So the question here is, does MERDEKA have a different meaning? In the Malay dictionary, MERDEKA means:

MERDEKA=  kemerdekaan keadaan merdeka atau bebas; kebebasan


Now let's put MERDEKA in the context of freedom.Lets expand this topic:

We are Merdeka when we are free from communist.
We are Merdeka when we are free from exams. *still in the exam zone. (pray for me :D)
We are Merdeka when we have reached a satisfactory life that we dream of.
We are Merdeka when we have full control of our carnality a.k.a nafsu.


Issues issues issues issues, current issues, hmm, lemme see...

Palestine? Myanmar? Syria? Iran? Iraq? How does these countries relate to current issues? Well:

These are the countries that are facing continuous terrorism. They are suffering extreme oppression from terrorists who claim that Islam is a religion of terrorism when they themselves are hypocrites who don't realize, that forcing to relinquish control over someone else's land, and be ignorant of their rights as human beings is terrorism!

But the people who face these problems are no push over. NOOOOO!

They fight with all their might! They fight with belief and an undying will to uphold Islam! And to do that, they must have
full control of their carnality!
In simple words, they must have a strong will to resist the fun but outright wrong things to achieve that kind of will.

These kids practically throw rocks without fear of being run over or being shot at by these gigantic tanks.

This guy fought for his wife and kids and got arrested for doing so

 Fighting for their beloved country without fear, without training, and without proper weaponry for war.
Just the will and and the awareness that Islam is disappearing from this world.

This is the true meaning of Merdeka. When people have full control of their nafsu, can restrain themselves from doing haram things that are  forbidden by Allah, then they are truly free.

So now let's repeat that question above in a different way.

Have we reached MERDEKA

If you think that all the discos that are still up and running in the city centre of Kuala Lumpur, marketing of alcohol and cigarettes and maing them our main source of economical income is Merdeka, then, the world is definitely going topsy turvy.

We are free from terrorism, communist, and all those things that the palestinians are facing, but we are not free from the one true thing that can really bring definite peace and harmony into our society, carnality.

This also goes to our political problem in our country. Lets just hope that the government and the opposition can find it in their hearts to find a solution to our problem.

We leave the power of choice to do the right thing to you guys :D

Merdeka to all Malaysians and may we find the true MERDEKA in ourselves.

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