Jan 21, 2012

Malays :D

Assalammualaikum :D
haha, its been a while, hope you guys missed me..
Guess what? form 4, a new year, new challenges, new environment with new subjects and new classmates and most of all
(life goes on:D)

Okay, now you guys have to know me as a RAHMAH student now, not a TAUFIQIAN. A lot has been going on lately and time passes by so fast, huh, looks like its coming to an end not so soon. Yeay, after PMR, I had to make a choice, what stream Im going to take.. Its either 'Sains Agama' or  'Sains Tulen'. It was a difficult choice really, coz both of them were great, but only ONE has to be picked, and I chose, ST. I have my reasons, so dont ask..-,-

Haha, and I ended up in 4 Rahmah, well, it wasnt the class I expected, but I'm grateful coz all of them are friendly, no matter how much we want something, things dont always go the way we planned, so we have to be grateful with what we have:D That is Qada' and Qadar. Life goes on, and starting to love 4 Rahmah. <3

now for the story

One day, I went to go out and buy some food, you know, the usual, twisties, super rings, some sweets, a magazine and a bottle of water nearby a restaurant. So I decided to sit down and have a drink while I wait for my mother in Kerinchi station (another story).. So I ordered the usual, teh tarik manis kurang manis dengan limau campur sirap (seriously delicous recipe). 

For the usual KL travellers, kerinchi is kinda bz, especially the resataurant. and on that particular day, the restaurant had a few vacant seats, and then something caught my eye. There was this man -a Malay man- looking for a seat. He rolled his eyeballs everywhere to find an empty seat, and he spotted an empty seat beside another a malay man. By the look on his face, he didnt recognize the guy at all. But I can tell by his face that he his very friendly. So he went by and sat down beside the malay man.

At first, I thought they were gonna eat in silence and mind their own buisness, but to my surprise, after a few silent minutes, they were having a conversation. They were a table next to me, and I can hear a bit of the conversation, here's how it went

Malay man who looked for the seat..(a.k.a seat looker)
Malay man who was sitting on the chair..(a.k.a seat sitter)

SL:  assalammualaikum
ST:  waalaikumussalam.
SL: cik nie orang mana? hensem semacam jer, kita penah jumpa ker?
ST: haha, x pernah kot, x dek la hensem mana, biasa jer orangnye. saya duduk di sentul. Encik 
         tinggal kat mana? nak kemana?
SL: ouh, saya ni tinggal dekat sepang, nak ke putrajaya. cik kerja apa?
ST: ouh, saya keje dekat esso and mobil...

(then they suddenly talked about politics, so I'm not gonna continue)

SO they continued  talking as if they were long lost friends, you know the kind of conversation when you talked, and every single thing that we/they say was funny or amusing.. hahaha, that kind of conversation. It was really amazing!

And while I was eavsdropping, I forgot that my drink never appeared, so I scolded the waiter.. (hehe, that was a lie), and I complained to the manager why the waiter was very slow..(lying again). then my delicous teh tarik manis kurang manis dengan limau campur sirap came. While enjoying the delicous new recipe, I heard two men fighting, it was the two guys, and guess what they were fighting about?

"eh-eh, tak apa, saya blanja, bukan nye slalu jumpa orang macam encik"

Then I felt a smile crossing my face.. 

There you have it :D a typical Malay that we dont see nowadays. I realised that, there are still some Malays who have respect for others.:D These are the type of people that we want to associate with and people who we want to cope and work with in our everyday lives.

Then there came another story that happened a few hours later.

First guy (malay): whoy! tepi la! cepat skit...-honk, honk, honk-
Second guy (malay): Kau buta ker! mana boleh jalan!
First guy: -vrooooom- BANG!

That guy hit the seconds guy bumper. Then they bickered for a few minutes and the police came to stop the childish bickering. I watched with worry. 'There goes the OTHER typical Malay. Those are the people that are increasing rapidly in our country. More and more people are becoming selfish and have no respect for others.

These are the people that are making Malaysia look bad in the eyes of foreigners that come to our country to visit. What happened to everybody?



  1. hmm,
    pls imagine balqis azhar as a very ayu malay girl.
    with a decent attitude.(uhuk2)

    me lovin the "kau ilhamku" song..
    ni yg rjin ke blog ko ni..

  2. budi bahasa, is all that we needed! great post :D


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