Jan 23, 2012

3 wonderful, extraordinary idiots.

Assalammualaikum:D ~ngee~

Quick, question, raise your hands if you(readers) have watched the most hilarious movie called 

Well, the story is about

Farhan Qureshi and Raju Rastogi want to re-unite with their fellow collegian, Rancho, after faking a stroke abroad an Air India plane, and excusing himself from his wife - trouser less - respectively. Enroute, they encounter another student, Chatur Ramalingam, now a successful businessman, who reminds them of a bet they had undertaken 10 years ago. The trio, while recollecting hilarious antics, including their run-ins with the Dean of Delhi's Imperial College of Engineering, Viru Sahastrabudhe, race to locate Rancho, at his last known address - little knowing the secret that was kept from them all this time.

HOHO, there you go. It's not much, but it tells you a little bit about the movie, you want to know more, watch it..:D

Not only hilarious but this movie called 'Three Idiots' has sooo many moral values that we can implement in our lives. Now lets see the three main characters:

Farhan Qureshi 

Raju Rastogi

And the guy who made them best friends Rancchoddas Shyamaldas Chanchad *a.k.a Rancho

They are three best friends that have fun together all through college while having war with viru a.k.a Virus.

The thing that touched my heart about this movie is the relationship between these three friends. They have an invisible power that makes them close, even when it seems so far away. Whatever they do, whatever they say to themselves, they take it positively or just push it a side and say, 'he's joking'.

Lets take one part of the movie, Raju and Farhan are two people that have family problems. Farhan's dad wants his son to become an engineer so much, he doesn't even care about what his son wants to do. Raju in the other hand comes from a very poor family, in the story, whenever the camera shoots at his house, it becomes black and white. So he strives to change his family's condition by taking engineering. But Farhan and Raju are the kind of people that are scared of life. They always look to the negative side, and they are constantly afraid of consequences.

Here comes the hero!
Rancho came into their lives and taught them 'the heart is very fragile, it gets very scared and makes us do things that dont seem the right way. Ive been taught by a guard, that whenever your scared, put your hand onto your chest and say "all iz well' a few times, and the scare will go away'.

So they live their life in college, and take on whatever passes by. hoho, they will do whatever it takes to see their friend happy, succeed in his studies, even if it takes to steal the question paper form the principle's office.

Their friendship is so amazing. They have an unbreakable bond. 

Friends are the people who will always be by your side, they are people who you are comfortable expressing your feelings with. They will always be there for you and always be happy for you whenever you gain success and not envy him/her.

This is what I call friendship:D

Dont push away your friend away whenever he/she receives something good in life, comfort them when they are sad, make sure that they know, in whatever condition they are in, we will always be there for them.:D

Keep the ukhuwah tite! Jyeaah!!

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