Dec 14, 2010

A Story To Be Shared

assalamualaikum.... hey again.. ive got a story to share to all of u..

There once lived a boy who had trouble speaking when he was born.. He lives in Great Britain.. He has a very frustrating life.. His parents always quarell and blame him for no good reason.. talks with words you cant ever imagine.. its not possible for him not to hear a word thats not insulting..
His very being is like hell..So he grew up with a stressing and distraughting life.. the media came to know about this boy.. so they started interviewing him... guess what his first words were at the age of 6.. 'F*** MY GODDA*** PARENTS!!'..
     The media was completely shocked.. everyone was suprised especially his parents.. so he started living as a badmouth all the way through his life... hes about 30 now..

moral of the story: dont treat your children like might juz backfire..this story was based on a true story a few years ago... think about it!! Treat you're kids like kids, not animals..

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