Dec 15, 2013


Assalammualaikum :)

Cute isn't it? Haha, this is a man made human, made from Plasticine. His left hand is blue, and his right hand is red. His smile is also red, he has a dark blue right foot and an orange left foot. He has white eyes, and black pupils and he has a cute over sized hat to protect him from the scorching sun and the heavy rain :D  Cool isn't it? Guess, what?


This 'guy' resembles every single human being that has ever walked this Earth. Imagine you buying a block of plasticine, brand new, one single color. Then you go home, with your happily newly bought plasticine, and figured 'Lets make me'. So you start making yourself, you start with the head, you made sure the chin is perfect, the eyes are wide, the smile, a perfect curve that would never want to frown. Then you move on to the body. You start off with a little round shaped body, since its new, two hands and two beautiful feet.

There you have it! A beautiful made human. Then you look at it, in every way its perfect.

Now imagine your human plasticine is a baby being born. Created by Allah, to test his soul by letting him live in this cruel, despicable world. But Allah, despite THE HUGE TEST He has bestowed upon humans, He has promised help, but where? Where can we find help to ensure our places in heaven? To ensure our success in facing this Test. WHO should be the right question. 

*drumroll please*

1.  Allah The Almighty.
     The main source of help. You do what He says, then you are all good to go :D You ask, for anything, He WILL grant it, but be patient, Allah is the Best of Planners. You just need to Believe.
2. Rasulullah
    THE MOST PERFECT. If you practically copy everything he does, you're ensured heaven.

3. Mummyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D
    We have our mum, caring for us, advising us, listening and understanding and being by our side no matter when, where and what problems you face. Love her :D

and the biggest, impact, I believe, because we will spend most of our time of adulthood with them,


So on my next post and the post after that, i'm going to post on all of the people that has put colors, and additions to my Plasticine, with different shapes and sizes that has made me to who Ia m today :)

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