Aug 4, 2013

Fantasy vs Reality


Ramadhan is almost at its end. Ramadhan Al-mubarak, 30 days of Rahmah, Maghfirah and blessings from The One and Only.
May we end our Ramadhan with good deeds. A chance of meeting Lailatul Qadar is still there, grab that opportunity and give it your all. Treasure it and appreciate this second chance of redemption, we may never have another.

Well, that is Ramadhan, but I have whole different story to tell. STORIES.

Just so you all know, I LOVE <3 books :D Especially story books. After 17 years of my life, I have come across so many different stories ranging from suspense, love, romance, action, fantasy, you name it. I have read so so many different kind of story books that sometimes I can predict some parts of a new book accurately. Really cool :D

In books, imagination is BOUNDLESS. It has no boundaries to when and where you want to go. To who you want to speak to. To be in a world where you posses powers and feel being at the top of the world. To live in a world where true love and romance is possible and laugh at all the sweet things that the couples in the story say to each other.

If you read as much as I do, you will know the feeling of succumbing your very will and mind into a story and imagining yourself being in the characters shoes and enjoying every moment and never wanting to leave.

Never wanting to leave that awesome world of adventures, mysteries and a world with so many possibilities. But after every ending, as we turn to that last page of a book, after reminiscing back the story and enjoying a few flashbacks where we laughed and shed tear through the awesome parts of the book, we realize, that the book has come to an end. As we turn over the back cover of the book, we realize, we have left the world we wanted so much to stay and came back to reality.

What ever we do, in the end, we HAVE to leave. Whether we like it or not. WE HAVE to accept the fact that story books are not REALITY and have no effect whatsoever in our lives.

Whether we like it or not, FANTASIES will never become REALITY. The awesomeness in all of those story books will never come true and we will never have a life like a story book , ever, *unless I open up a new book xD

But then again, when I think it over, that fake story may be full of awesomeness and all, but it will never have what reality has, true memories.

You see, the good thing about reality is, is that you get to feel what you experience instead of dreaming it. You get to feel the real deal, and you get to cherish that memory forever. It may have its ups and downs, but then again, thats life. Facing it and trying to solve those problems may be a challenge, but the fruit is sweet.

But once in a while, it would be nice to escape reality.

Read a Book, it will do you good :)

A few series and books that I have read:

 (Vladimir Tod's Chronicles)

 (A Stranger In The Mirror)

 (Heroes of Olympus)

(The Spooks)

So much to read, so little time.

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