Nov 29, 2012

What's bound to happen


Pain, Despair,
words that cannot be compared

A question that cannot be answered. A mystery that cannot be solved. A time that cannot be estimated. The human mind cannot comprehend. What's bound to happen.


No words can describe the pain, the sadness, the inescapable destiny of each and every thing that was ever created  by The Most Magnificent.

I decided to open up this topic because of the things that are happening lately. Observations that are saddening for those who care about the future of this world.

It has come to my attention that humanity has reached an era of stupidity and ignorance. The majority of the human race is inhabited among st those who choose to not care about faith and religion. Those who choose to pick money over belief, fame over God.

Now I believe, that most of these people, including myself seldom ask this question:

"what if I were today in the next few seconds?"
"what would I be doing just before my death?"
"Have I done all my responsibilities towards Allah, my family and myself?"

You guys might or might not have realized that days are getting shorter. The weeks are not getting longer. Are you guys living life to it's fullest?

Do you not realize that while you are committing sins and inhumane acts that defies the word of God, death is just mere seconds away? Do you not realize that while we are laughing our ass off watching stupid obscene tv shows, that we have not yet prayed to the one who blessed us with life and wealth?

People forget!

Humans in the arabic word means Insan which comes from the word nasiya which means forget. The root word for humans is FORGET.

But it is not an excuse for you to FORGET Allah!
Allah has given the Quran to remind you!
Rasulullah has passed his sunnah to remind you!
In the end, the choices we make decides who you are and what kind of person you become in the future.

Our brothers and sisters in Palestine fight for their lives. They fight to protect their faith in Islam! They fight to protect in what they believe in! They fight to uphold the true religion that was passed down to Muhammad PBUH thorugh the angel Jibrail!

While we sit here, forgetting Allah, there are some people who suffer, not for the sake of themselves but for the sake of their religion.
While we immerse ourselves in dreams of fame and fortune that will never be of help in the afterlife, there are some children out there who put their life on the line for Islam.

So tell yourself everyday, "I want to die while doing ibadah, not committing a sin"

If our prophet suffered during his death after given mercy by the Angel Izrail, how would our death turn out to be? Do you think after all we've done and gone through in this life, that we will be given mercy without any effort of asking for forgiveness from Allah?

This post is not meant to condemn people, but it is to remind each and every single person that has ever heard the word of Allah in the Quran, that death is no game.

Always ask yourself
"what if I were to die today?"

Insya Allah, your life will not be meaningless.
Death is inevitable. remember Allah.

It is never to late to ask for forgiveness :D

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