Aug 5, 2012



Confessions. The most honest and the most self-reflecting verb a person could possibly say or do. The thing about this word is that, it shows that you concede to the fact that there are some things that are happening to you -good or bad- and you realize it. This word, is also the most hardest verb that could be done by the human soul. Sometimes, ego, overcome this sincere intention. But sometimes, you have to fight that ego with a strong will. A will that believes change is possible.

Here's the confession, I exceed the limit that divides the line of peace and chaos. I overdo my actions to the extent that people hate me for doing so, when originally this act is an act of happiness. An act to make stronger ties with other people.

There's a reason why our beloved Prophet leads a moderate life and always advise his ummah to BE moderate in everything we say or do. Because being moderate is keeping the check and balance between to things or two people.

Just taking the time to tell you guys, that, lessen your everyday speech, because the tongue is WAAAAY SHARPER than the sword.

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