Mar 5, 2011


Assalammualikum to everyone who is reading.. hi again, its me, again... haha... Today, i will be talking about politics... oh wait, umm.. i will be talking about science.. hmm, that doesnt sound right. hah! I will be talking about presents. no, food? class??.. haha, I guess im lost.. Well thats the main idea, i will be talking about life..

You must be thinking, (in weird alien voice), why the hell is this guy talking about life?? Well for your information, we humans are facing a crisis where people are killing themselves out of sheer stupidity.. Can
you imagine people do suicide because their loved ones (e.g girlfriend) forgot to send back a love letter.. Completely insane..

what I want to highlight in this is that we should treasure every minute of our lives..

 from when we were born-:
                                                                  (aww, so cuutee!!)

till we become this-:

                                                               (i hope not hehe...)

I am spealking on behalf of I LOVE MY LIFE Organisation (no such thing).. I have to admit that life has many obstacles that we need to face but its all in good time... Every part of living is a treasure to us.. Wouldnt our moms sacrifices be a wasted if threw our lives away like that.. I wouldnt forgive myself..

Anyway, enough me babling. Back to reality.. Just so you know, today is my birthday and many people wished a happy birthday to me so thanks guys.. And then i realised, how much I appreciate my life... Im already fifteen and so many memories that are valuable to me..  All those good times spent with my friends, family...

Mostly school.. school!! haha... day after day we get older... some people get married, others stay strong all alone.. ahh, the pain.. But the thought of letting this all go is insane...Just so you know, I love my life.. Every damn second is like treasure to me.. Even though it has its up's and down's..

They are all valuable.. All of my friends, family, reltives, the ones closest to me.. Cant imagine losing them.. In the end we all end up in here

Soo... what do you think?? I might have gotten overboard but you do get the point. do you??i hope you do.. so please, do live your life at its best.. is the only one we have..

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